Friday, March 16, 2012

Move Your Rear

Pup and I have been doing just that. #thankyouplanetfitness

I'm being the high-priestess of bitchdom. That's okay. We both need prodding and I know he will forgive me.

I'm not buying him treats anymore. He pouts once in a while, but mostly he's doing very good. When he pouts and says, "Let's go to Dairy Queen!" I say, "Pup, we're fatty's. No."

We meet at the club about three times a week around 7:30. Between poor Pup's shifts.

As for me? I'm reading all about Cold Thermogenesis and I'm scared. I'm a puss and this is scaring me. Either Dr. Jack is a nut or the world is stupid. I haven't decided.


I'm eating so good I should weigh 110 pounds. I don't. It isn't moving very fast. I don't know what's up with that.


I'm moving though. I feel better. Mostly I'm sleeping awesome. I have some mojo working. Funny how getting flirted with can change your whole outlook. Yes, I am shallow. Also funny how good conversations can make me find faith in my fellow peeps. Love y'all.

smooches my hooches and get out there and shake what your momma gave you.

1 comment:

T said...

Moving. (check)

Feeling better. (check)

Sleeping awesome. (check)

Getting noticed. (check)

That's all good.

As for the stall, keep it guessing, drink plenty of fluids, and track your food intake for a couple of weeks, then reassess.

Good job, both of you! Proud of your joint effort. :)