Sunday, March 4, 2012

If the Rain Comes

But they did come!
The Beatles Tribute group Rain
Last night at the lovely and historic Orpheum Theater in lovely and happening downtown Minneapolis.


I was in the 3rd (or 4th?) grade on a Sunday night when my family turned on The Ed Sullivan Show as we did every Sunday night. I was sitting there in my jammies, about an inch from the television.

"Deborah, don't sit so close! You'll ruin your eyes." my momma admonished. I moved back another inch.

I did not remove my soon-to-be-ruined eyes for the entire hour of the show. I was telling my sister about this experience last night and I said, "I knew right then that my world was changing."

Sounds so dramatic! I just knew that we had never seen anything like what we were watching.

I vaguely heard my dad grumbling about their hair and sassy ways, but I did not pay any mind. I was falling love.

My heart was beating fast and I wanted to cry. They were so beautiful! They were so cute! They were so adorable.

I was in. In and blindly a follower.


My sister called several weeks ago wanting me to go with her to see Rain when they came to Minneapolis. I said YES! She is nearly nine years younger than me, but because I was her big sister she was forced to listen to what I listened to and she developed a love for The Beatles that nearly overshadows mine.

So the two of us were the perfect pair to go to see the tribute band, Rain.

If you think I'm annoying, you should be with me when my sister is along. She's not annoying, but the two of us together are kinda loud and electric. We come from a long line of electric and loud people. Our people are loud!

That's okay. We were ready to get our Beatle on and the show was fabulous. We sang along, danced when the crowd stood up (I have to say that the Minneapolis crowd last night was rather stiff - lots of money in that room and I will make this observation - no joyous movement was to be seen).

There would be the lone dancer - standing and moving - only to quickly sit down. Very few heads were bobbing from our vantage point. In fact, the couple in front of me didn't move once. The Nordic folk are the stoic kind. I'm sure they were getting their grove on in their own way. At least I pray they were.

My sister and I had pre-gamed at my house a bit (white wine anyone?) and since Pup had lovingly volunteered to drive our arses to and from the venue we could have additional libations at The Orpheum. Which we did.

I switched it up to scotch and when the barkeep handed me a TUMBLER (shouldn't there be some rocks when one orders scotch and rocks??) of liquor my sister advised me to, "sip this, SIP THIS." I did the best I could.

I had big plans to get BlackBerry shots of us enjoying the show, but, of course, I got lost in the moments and never got them. Apparently my BlackBerry was too busy butt-dialing people in my contact list. Sorry my lovelies! One friend left a voice-mail saying how much they were enjoying the music on my message. {sheepish}

A splendid time is guaranteed for all!


Karen said...

I think I'm one of the only people I've ever known that has just never become a fan of the Beatles. I know, that's terrible, right?.... and I couldn't tell you why either. I just never liked them a whole lot.

What a great thing to do with your sister tho, and I've never hear of RAIN. I know of alot of people who would like to see them perform.

Ms. A said...

Haven't seen them in person... but I've heard them. They're good!

Not So Simply Single said...

Great picture! Fun!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I'm with Karen...not a fan. Of the Beatles that is, never heard of Rain.

Glad you had a good time! Scotch'll do that to ya! ; )

Linnea said...

The best time ever!! You were the only one I wanted to experience that moment in time with! Glad the lady who shushed us ( BTW it was before the show even started) left about half way thru the show. Guess she wasn't digging the J Lo butts in her face! hee hee. Love the butt dialing!! Best time ever Sis!! Luv You!!