Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sexy Sadie

Pup and I are about to book an April trip. He works long and hard hours during the tax season and this year we are heading someplace (it's getting narrowed down) where there will be lots of beach, lots of sun, lots of theme drinks, lots of shopping, and maybe even lots of golf.

We are Minnesotans. We are pale, chubby, and not beach ready in the least. Not that all Minnesotans look like this, but enough do that I sometimes hear our part of the country talked about in a not so flattering light. I have amused myself many times in Las Vegas by picking out the people I'm certain are from Minnesota. They are usually wearing bad t-shirts and fanny-packs around largish bellies.

So . . . I am in a competition with a co-worker. We are getting to our fighting-weight and competitive bodies for our April trips. I'm trying to get Pup to participate as well.

Better eating, better exercise, and better feeling. And hopefully better looking.

Here is what I aspire to . . .
I stumbled on this just a few minutes ago while cleaning out my photo-log in my blog folder. I was struck by it once again.

This photo made the rounds a few months ago and I remember marveling when I saw it. A woman of a certain age, looking a certain way. A hot, non-bobblehead kind of body.

Helen - will you be my poster-girl?
Helen Mirren


Heff said...

That photo "struck" me, too , lol !!

You gotta be "BORN THAT WAY", though....

Not So Simply Single said...

I like Helen Mirren too!

Come to Maui girlfriend! I will show you around! Lots of gorgeous golf courses...

You don't have to be all that in shape, trust me. The beaches here are filled with white whales trying to tan their casper skin.

I have LOADS of cellulite. I just live with it. Forgive me if you have to see it, but that is just how it is....

You can get in shape, you can do it. Getting off the white stuff will help. (sugar, flour and dairy) You can do it...!!!

Come to Maui!

Sarah said...

I hear Jackie calling our names...!

Ms. A said...

She does look amazing, doesn't she! Only in my dreams do I ever look decent... and I rarely remember my dreams!

Anonymous said...

Love Helen Mirren, not only for her amazing looks, but she's such a great actress to watch too!

Shabbygal said...

Wow if we all could look that good! I think I looked that good for 10 minutes in 1987! But not since! Something to aspire for! Traci

David L Macaulay said...

I'm a big fan of Helen - if it makes you feel better I believe she's from Ilford, a very unsexy part of East London/Essex where there are lots of people with beer bellies and no teeth.

Janie said...

I wonder how much time she spends working out to look like goal! haha!

silvergirl said...

helen mirren is the bomb!!
what a rack lol

Deborah said...

Heff - are you trying to tell us something? ;)

Lisa - we would LOVE to come to Maui someday! We were just talking about it with some friends.

Sarah - yes! Jackie wants to kick our asses! I'm all in.

Ms A - you are killing me!

Di - yes she is. She's totally amazing.

Traci - you are crazy girl. And way too young to be talking that way!

David - well, okay, if you say so. :)

Janie - more than me I'm guessing! lol

SG - holy crapinoli yes! I really have a crush on her.