Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Rear

We brought in the new year with friends.

First going to a great movie (Mission Impossible - sooooo good!) then heading back to our house to have steak, yams for the girls, potatoes for the boys, salad, wine, and assorted snacks.

It started snowing around 11:00 and since we haven't seen hardly any this year (so weird) we all ran like little kids (well, Pup and his friend Doug did anyway) to look at it.

It was sticking to all the bare trees and grasses and seriously turning our little neighborhood in the hood into a beautiful paradise.

That's why we live here. When just something as simple as an one inch snowfall can turn brown and dumpy into white and glittery - well, it's enchanting.

Cut to this morning.
I wish I was a get-it-all-cleaned-up-before-I-go-to-bed girl. I always want to be. Truth is, when the fun evening is over, I want to get to bed with my Pup and snuggle in the big huge bed.

But then you wake up to this.
So . . . right now Pup is whining that I better hurry and get my arse ready cuz he wants some breakfast at Denny's (can you believe?) because he knows there will be no breakfast-making in this kitchen right now.

Yes sweetie, right after I wake up.

Whether you resolution or not, whether you celebrated big or small, have the best first day of the new year. It's all good my hooches.



Anonymous said...

Ya... no breakfast here either. I bought a coffee cake and we each had a slice with our morning cup of coffee... and now it's almost lunch time... SOUP!

silvergirl said...

Here's to a great 2012!!
your blogger friend

Ms. A said...

With a pile of supplements like that, how would you find room for breakfast??? I wouldn't be able to swallow that herd of horse pills. Yikes!

Happy New Year, Deborah and Pup!

Karen said...

I almost never clean it all up before bed... but it does piss me off if I forget to put some really yummy leftover food back in the fridge :-)

Happy New Year! and.. Denny's... really? (gack) Find that man an Ihop. Or something.

Sara Louise said...

Wishing you a very happy new year! xo

So. Cal. Gal said...

My 'first day of the year' didn't start out so good. It began with my electric blanket not working and I had to catch up from a restless sleep the night before.

But, this morning, I got a home-cooked eggs and sausage breakfast (at noon, of course)...and it was 85 degrees today.

Happy New Year to you and Pup!


Not So Simply Single said...

Girl, yesterday I dragged my ass around all day, because I was sleep deprived from being depraved the night before.....(but being depraved was good!)

So today I am hopping on the road to my new years resolutions which I finally made... Halleluijah!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

T said...

Sounds like a great NYE celebration...and I wouldn't concern myself with cleaning up before hitting the sack on NYE of all nights. That would just spoil the fun.

We got our first "measureable" snowfall last night, and yes, we always run to see, as if witnessing it for the first time.

Snow can be a pain, but winter can be very, very bleak and drab. Color My World White in winter, thank you.

Happy New Year to you, D.

David L Macaulay said...

hope your NY was great Deborah - wow it seems a while ago now...

Kelley said...

This makes me feel better! I often go to bed with the kitchen messy. It can wait until tomorrow! Love that your husband went with it and suggested Denny's.