Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Utility Room - Kinda Like The Bourne Identity, Only Nothing Like It

I considered getting the room squeeky-clean and looking like I don't use it, but then there would never be pictures of the minily-remodeled utility room.

You know, like I haven't taken any pictures of The Big Room. I'm waiting in vain for that room to be cleansy. Apparently that room is not only never clean, but I'm not on the ball.

Well, I'm on the ball, but not that ball. Some other ball. Some ball that flew in my yard uninvited. See how it works? I talk in circles and eventually forget what I'm trying to do. That's how nothing ever gets done. 

Except for the other day. Am I right? Can I see a show of hands? Just sayin' and all that shite?
Notice how Calvin has to be everywhere I am? It was damned annoying trying to get anything put away in this new space. Every time I brought in a basket to fill it got filled with some cat-ass. He's like that. I have no idea where he learned such behavior.
Check out my new-to-me 1960s Plycraft recliner. I had to beg on my hands and knees to get this chair. Pup was not lovin' on it. I pouted. He acquiesced. I own a chair! I don't pout often. Only when I want an Eames knock-off produced in the 60s.
It needs some love and leather butter, but I smile every time I walk into the house. It's nummy as a Martini. As nummy as an Old Fashioned.

Hmm . . . for some reason I need a cocktail.


Sarah said...

Ha ha "filled with cat-ass"

What does it mean for me if YOU'RE not on the ball with cleaning? That must mean I got rolled over by the ball.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

I was starting off already loving your laundry room... and then I saw the dreamboat chair. Man, I would LOVE to have that chair in my house. How much was it??? :)

Anonymous said...

NICE chair.... looks perfect in your space, and love your laundry room re-do too! Mine needs soooo much work, especially some paint, curtains, etc. Oh, and real cabinets would be great too, and a new sink, and and and.

Ms. A said...

My laundry room never looked that neat, even when it was new... in '77!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Great laundry room! I don't think ours EVER looked that good. And that chair!!! Looks soooo comfy!

David L Macaulay said...

dig the retro radio

Sara Louise said...

I think it looks fantastic! I really like all the baskets. And I love the round diningroom table and the chairs :-)

Deborah said...

Thanks guys! So far so good on the room. It's actually functional.

Rev_Dan said...

Just curious if your chair is actually marked Plycraft. My fiancee and I just got one and it doesn't have any markings on it. There's a discrepancy if it is indeed a Plycraft as the supports are different than on other legit Plycrafts.... great setup!