Friday, December 16, 2011

Sneaky Pete

Just a little taste.

I only heard "oh oh!" once or twice during this whole project!

Pup did the tiling himself and I'm loving on it. It's very retro and was very cheap. I had promised my fiscally-tuned-in Pup that I would keep this project on the cheap and I think I did a very good job. Repurposed a couple of things and left the cabinets I found here and there, here and there. Who knew I could really shop as opposed to buy? WHO KNEW? lol

Almost done, but here's a little sample.


Ms. A said...

Looks wonderful! Everything I have is retro... and original.

David L Macaulay said...

yep this so beats hot man Friday

So. Cal. Gal said...

Lookin' the tile! Can't wait for the total reveal.


Sarah said...


Does this mean you'll want to do laundry so badly in your new exquisite room that you'll consider doing mine? ;c)

Deborah said...

Ms A - Retro is way better don't you agree? ;) After all, you and I are retro.

David - This made me laugh loudly.

SCG - Thanks!

Sarah - Remember when I would do it once in a while because I couldn't stand it? You had so many clothes you could go a LONG TIME without doing laundry. smooches