Thursday, December 8, 2011

Makeup to Breakup

I can't leave the house without makeup.
I've tried a time or two, but I just can't.

Especially mascara. And now that I'm older; eyeliner. Oh, and a little magic in the eyebrow area.

I started wearing makeup in the 7th grade. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup, but my first class that year was phys. ed. so I'd spend a few minutes putting it on after class. If I remember right I was heavily into all of the Yardley products and painstakingly putting on white eyeliner and then a thiner black line over the white. And then white creamy lips. Yep I was so cute!
When I moved into my 20s I was into the entire 'natural' look which only meant I still wore mascara on the eyes and vaseline to shiny up my lips (yep, I said vaseline).

In my 30s I was having babies so while I know I wore makeup, I sure don't remember putting it on. I barely remember what I was wearing, what I was thinking, or what I was saying during my 30s.

In my 40s I got way more vampy with my makeup. Much more eyeshadow, more eyeliner, I added lipstick, I added a bit of foundation to smooth out my skin, I discovered bronzer. Women in their 40s come into their own if you ask me. We're hitting our sexual peak, we are at our most attractive because we have lots of experience to back up that body we're walking around with. I remember flirting with a young server at an Italian restaurant and him looking at me dreamily after stating, "I just love older women."

Now I'm in my 50s. Makeup is no longer a fun, creative thing. It's a necessary thing! I cannot leave my house without people asking me if I'm okay.
"You look so tired! Are you okay?"

"I'm good! I'm just in my 50s. Hey, wait a minute while I find my huge sunglasses. How do I look now?"


Anonymous said...

I don't leave home without make-up either and most women in their 50's, like me, look bad without at least a little bit of color added to their face. Good grief, how hard is it to put on a little lipstick. Easiest beauty treatment in the world.

Heff said...

You don't look bad to me !

Sarah said...

I remember you putting on makeup in your 30's :) Perched in front of your vanity, it was a fascinating & mysterious ritual.

Ms. A said...

The only way you would ever get me out of the house without makeup, would be in an ambulance. They would probably take me straight to the morgue! That's one of the things I have a tremendous fear of... having that emergency that would necessitate a 911 call and being without makeup!

Pearl said...

I have never left the house without makeup. :-) I think of it as community service.



Karen said...

.. you know.. my MOTHER often says to me now... you look tired, have you been sleeping ok?...

MA!!.. I'm getting OLDER for Chrissake. Thanks for the reminder.

I don't do much makeup at all, but I would feel alittle naked without a little concealer to cover up under eye circles, a little upper lid liner and mascara. And lip balm. And moisterizer. And... yeah, that's it.

silvergirl said...

ha ha
i remember just slapping on make up
now it has to be carefully applied!

Sandra said...

Women are supposed to hit their sexual prime in their 40s? I am getting so ripped off! Plus I have bags under my eyes! I demand airbrushing!

Deborah said...

Di - it's true!

Heff - I know you mean it. heh!

Sarah - I remember watching my momma as well! I never thought I'd be grown up enough to do it.

Ms A - I remember putting on mascara while in labor. Nutty!

Pearl - LOL! I agree with this. I don't want to scare anyone into an accident or something.

Karen - my momma said something like that to me once too! I was in my 30s and went to her house right after a shower with no makeup. She kept interrupting herself to comment on my tired face. lol

SG - hahaha! True true.

Sandra - you have been in your peak for years. Don't try to fool us! smooches

So. Cal. Gal said...

A friend on Facebook commented on how today was the 1st day, in 10 years, that she left the house without makeup. I commented, "I'll leave the house, but not the yard."

When I'm tired, I just go with foundation but it still counts.