Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Every Day a New Beginning

I'm so good at this. Starting that is. Starting starting.
Good on the calorie side. I'm not certain why FitDay said my daily goal calories are 847. Maybe because I have a pretty aggressive weight-loss goal that I indicated.

I needed a total detox after my very very naughty holiday wagon falling. I think I've done it. My Christmas toot-sweet (not sweet) everywhere since I was eating lots of crackers and lots of pie and lots of bad bad stuff.

I'm very tired today. Probably from only having about 18 carbs.

I believe I'll go rest.

What a wimpy!


Not So Simply Single said...


I had one day free of sugar. Then the dark chocolate in my refrigerator was screaming at me, and slowly the noise got so big in my head that I had to eat the damn thing so it would shut up.


Starting again today.

I am with ya sister...let's do this thing together...

One day at a time.

Not So Simply Single said...

What happened to your other posts on this blog? I went to read them and they were gone. Bummer.

Deborah said...

Aaah Lisa! I had been stumbling along and not commiting. I wanted to start on a fresh page and blew up the other posts.

I will totally do this with you!

I am on day 3 of no sugar or grains. Totally in a carb-flu type situation. It will get better.

Trying to drink lots of water and tea.

I swear I am not tripping on any more wagons.

Not So Simply Single said...

YEAH! I am going sugar free again starting tomorrow....

No sugar, no wheat and no dairy...

Can I do it? I did it last year for almost a year...I feel so much better... However since Thanksgiving I have been a pig. Oink Oink!

Most certainly! I am in it with you sister!!!!!!!!!!