Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's Eating You?

Oh! Did I say that wrong? Did I mean what am I eating?
I can't stop eating eggs right now. I guess that's good.

Although it's probably not good to always eat at your desk. Just like when I had a corporate job. Mostly at the desk unless I was going out with peeps for those long fun lunches. I do miss the long corporate lunches. Always a good time to tell you the truth.

I think I miss working downtown mostly during the holidays. It was so nice to be downtown for shopping! Could that be why I haven't really started?

Ooops! lol

Are you guys breakfast eaters? What's your fav?


Anonymous said...

We cook brunch on either Saturday or Sunday which always includes eggs, hash browns, peppers, onions, bacon or sausage... we pretty much LOVE eggs. Your's look great!

Pearl said...

The Modern Cafe (Northeast Mpls) has Pampered Eggs: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, hunks of bacon, and cream cheese. :-) It's to die for.


p.s. In answer to your question, watch for Nye's to be featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives this spring. Paulie didn't have any better date than that... Can't wait to see it -- back-of-the-house Nye's is a really wild/weird place!

silvergirl said...

haven't touched an egg in sooo long
ate eggs for breakfast and then got food poisoning, not from the eggs though, but you can imagine the egg carnage with food poisoning
just can't eat them anymore
I do love my grits in the morning though!!

Janie said...

OOhh eggs and cream cheese with some baby spinach thrown in last minute..good...My chickens are squeezing out some early winter eggs...nice fresh eggs..dark yokes yum...

Ms. A said...

I'm a breakfast late at night kind of person. Eating when I get up is just too overwhelming. I only want coffee!

PS: I haven't started my shopping either.

deb-oh-rah said...

My treat is to make French toast with whole grain bread on Sunday mornings. Two pieces of that is all I can eat. Other days I have a piece of toast or something light.

I pick up Christmas gifts all year, but I haven't sat down yet to inventory and make a list of who I still have to buy for. Only about 10 days left!!!!

Sarah said...

Since the Big B's surgery in March, we have a ritual now where I cook breakfast & he eats it with me on the weekend mornings he doesn't work.

We too have been eating a lot of eggs lately...something in the water?!?

So. Cal. Gal said...

I usually don't wake up til 11 am and that's nearly lunchtime so I rarely eat eggs. Well, there ARE Sundays.

When I'm nervous I want to eat scrambled eggs and toast. It settles my stomach and reminds me of staying home from school when I was sick.

Deborah said...

Di - Mmmm! That sounds absolutely nummy.

Pearl - Oooo! We need to check that out.

SG - That's sad! I love eggs so. I've never had grits, but I know I'd like them. Anything creamy that I can add butter to is a win in my world.

Janie - OMG that sounds awesome!

Ms A - I haven't had breakfast out late at night for so long.

Deb - French toast! Mmmm.

Sarah - So sweet!

SCG - That's so weird that you eat when nervous. I think this may be the only time I do not eat.