Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Man and His Toys

Pup is one of those men that is very hard to buy for. If he ever wants anything (mostly - within reason - a CPA's reason) he runs right out and gets it.

You never know what that might be. Some sort of crazy tool for the garage that may get used only once (not that I care) or this new thing. A plow for the driveway.

Now, we live in a very very urban part of the cities and while we do have a very large lot (a double city lot), it's NOTHING compared to living in the country. In Pup's defense, our driveway is over 150 feet long and he works very long hours during the winter (tax season) and it's hard on him to have to snow blow that ginormous drive.

With that said I still found it crazy that he felt the need for this huge plow, but just looking at his face this morning when he looked outside and saw that we had FINALLY had our first measurable snowfall, well, it was priceless indeed.

But there he is, plowing to his heart's content. And I noticed he plowed several other driveways in our neighborhood. That's my Pup. He loves helping all the young uns around us here in Chez Emersonville.

In fact, the young couple that live right next to us had a baby recently and then the hubs was deployed. So Pup has been mowing their lawn all summer and now will be plowing their driveway. He just does it to be nice. Don't you love him from all this info?

Even though last night when we were out with friends he was stroking my new black velvet holiday top and said, "Sweetie, you feel just like a carseat."


Love you Pup. Sorry I punched your lights out. *kidding!*


Anonymous said...

LOL... ya, sometimes a girl does want to punch her hub's lights out. They are sweet in ways we sometimes don't understand.

We have a JD riding mower with a small plow on front but what we really need on it is a snow thrower... big bucks, so we get by with what we now have and also have very good neighbors. Almost everyone on our street has a large tractor with a plow because we have no county services on our street. We all help one another and the men LOVE IT! It's a guy thing... LOL

Ms. A said...

What a wonderful man! Look at all that snow! Brrrr!

Kelley said...

That IS nice of your husband to plow the neighbors' driveways! BTW, that part about the car seat made me laugh out loud. :)

So. Cal. Gal said...

A brother is like Pup. He'll help you, no questions asked. He's been offering to take all the wood (from the fallen trees) off the homeowner's hands. Of course, he has a fireplace, but... ; )

Men think in car terms so the carseat comment was actually a compliment.

I think.

T said...

"Pup is one of those men that is very hard to buy for. If he ever wants anything....he runs right out and gets it."

This sounds all too familiar. Quite the dilemma for me!

As for the plow, good for him. We ALL NEED TOYS. Life can get really boring when we grow up and no longer have new toys to look forward to.

That gets me to thinking: Hmmmm....what new toy would I love to have?

I'll need to give this some thought. (But it's not a plow, or anything close to it.)

The first measurable snow? COOL. (For now)


Sarah said...

I just knew he would be all excited to use his new toy! Tell him thanks again for doing our driveway on top of all the others :)

silvergirl said...

lol@you saying he is one of those men that is hard to buy for...really is there another kind of man out there????? ha ha

Deborah said...

Di - that's so wonderful when neighbors help each other out like that. You guys live in a great area.

Ms A - Yes to the brrrr! Freakin' cold for sure!

Kelley - I wish I made that stuff up, but I'm not that creative. He really says crap like that. :)

SCG - only if you say so. Ha!

Tpretty - I said good for him as well. He needs toys!

Sarah - Pup cannot wait until the next snowfall. For really.

SG - you are right! lolol