Sunday, December 25, 2011

Not Everyone Had a Great Day

Can't resist posting this photo of Lorenzo's little kitty DK.

She never looks like this. Her face is always squeeky and smiley. She may have been a little cranky that I was following her around with a camera.
Then again, she may have had that mean-mug because she found her stocking and we wouldn't let her have it. Not just then anyway.
Somehow, this bowl full of ornaments makes me so happy.
This tree looks lovely, but it died nearly immediately after we put it up. I did all the stuff you're supposed to; we had a new cut on the bottom, we put it in water within 30 minutes of buying it, I checked the water level every day. It still died. So this bad boy is coming down tomorrow before we burn down our lovely new room.
Merry Christmas again everyone! I hope you all got what you wanted and then some.

Smooches and love you all.


Ms. A said...

DK looks like I feel around the holidays and it has nothing to do with stockings.

Can't believe there's a cat in the house and an intact bowl of ornaments! Oh, now I know why the cat is frowning! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas a day late! Yes, that tree must come down ASAP! Love the long needles on it. VERY pretty.

silvergirl said...

Did you have it over a vent?
We accidentally did that one year and by Christmas morning there were no needles left on the tree & we had company coming over!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Your kitty looks PISSED! lol! What did you do...tease her with catnip then take it away? Tease her with wet food (like my guy does) then put it away?

Either way, that pic is awesome!


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

That sourpuss (literally.) made me laugh.

Merry Christmas!

Kelley said...

Your pictures are so great! That bowl of ornaments makes me happy, too. Ha! Love the red and gold. That kitty doesn't look very happy. :(

Not So Simply Single said...

Your cat makes me laugh out loud. My cats would fricking have a fit if I were to dress them up...after all this is Hawaii...where we all run free without many clothes...

Your stockings are so fabulous, and I posted them on my blog a while back.

I like the bowl of ornaments too. You are quite the interior decorator! Rock on sister!

Deborah said...

Ms A - I must be pretty lucky with these two cats. They really don't bug my stuff much.

Di - that tree is STILL UP. No lights on of course. I'm so bad.

SG - Nope, but something happened. It was very sad.

SCG - that's exactly what happened! lolol!

LG - haha!

Kelley - thanks!

Lisa - actually that is my daughter's cat. My cat wouldn't put up with an outfit either.