Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Because He Loves It

Yes, those cushions really are that ugly.
Edit and disclaimer: This post is what happens when I can't sleep and think I can write a post. Ha!

He looks awkward as hell doesn't he? I can't believe being scrunched up on that chair can be comfortable, but that's how George spends most of his days outside in the sun.

Notice the red ball. Pup bought it for him. George is BALL obsessed and his favorite kind are the not-cheap Kong. He loves those balls. He is sleeping with that damn ball.

He walks around outside with the ball in his mouth. Sometimes he barks with the ball in his mouth.  He hangs his large noggin over my laundry basket and drops the slobbery thing onto my CLEAN clothes. Yeah.

He chews it like it's gum. He waits - and waits - and waits some more for us to throw it.

He hangs his aforementioned huge noggin over the deck and tosses the ball onto the driveway where it sometimes rolls down into the street. $7 gone just like that. And a sad dog looks at me with those eyes.

Love you George, don't throw this ball away because I swear you'll be on a diet of those cheap-ass PetSmart balls from now on. I mean it!


R. Jacob said...

Love ya because you have a good heart for a dog.

Heff said...

Aw, C'mon. Keep buying him the quality stuff. A dog ain't much without good balls.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Aww! Give George a break! Go on Ebay and see if you can buy them in bulk.

And what's wrong with those cushions? Love the color and pattern. I guess beauty really IS 'in the eye of the beholder'. ; )

Daisy said...

He is so adorable.

Deborah said...

George is adorable and please know that George always gets his good ball eventually. He is hard to resist.