Friday, September 10, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Pup and I watch Hung on HBO. Sunday nights. I look forward to it.

The show is kinda like the male version of Weeds only without Mary Louis Parker's annoying eye darting.

I like the show. It's smartly written with a cast that isn't afraid to be vulnerable. And, no big surprise, I've developed a HUGE crush on Thomas Jane.

He looks like the guy you shouldn't date. The one that makes you a little uncomfortable. The one your parents really won't like, but your mom secretly hopes you keep dating.

Cowabunga Patricia! Jane has recently separated from his wife Patricia Arquette.


Heff said...

What a LOSS. JUST L@@K at the big ol' ARQUETTES on that girl !!!!

Sarah said...

I only noticed bulging arms, a handsome but rugged face, and a KILT!

Momma, I know you blog for yourself, but today it felt like you blogged for me :P

T said...

The cover of Men's Fitness???

Hmmm. Touche Thomas.

(Patricia, you're a mess.)

Good Lord, what was he thinking?

Danielle said...

Yeah TJ is hot!

I'm sorry as hot as he is...I couldn't get pass the size of her Arquettes in that last photo. Since when was she that booby?

Joann Mannix said...

You know what? I love that you're as man crazy as I am. I had a commenter recently ask me what was with my constant posting of hot hunky celeb men and doesn't my husband get offended?

I didn't even feel like replying to her. What kind of marriage must you have if you can't act like your normal self around your husband? My husband knows I'm a great admirer of men, but he also knows I'm an even bigger admirer of him and I would never do anything but talk about those guys...well, except for Bono. But he knows that. Whatever.

Sorry to ramble, but I just had to vent. And yes, that Thomas Jane is a hot, hot, hottie. Kind of sad about him and Patricia. They've been together for awhile.

Marnie said...

I likey :0)

R. Jacob said...

It appears in that last picture that his hair separated too!
Maybe it's hanging on his kilt.

Karen said...

OMG those BOOBS??!!!! Do they have their own zipcode?

and gotta love a man who can pull off a skirt...wearing one, you know..

Daisy said...

GOOD LORD!!! I wonder if anyone told Patricia that top just doesn't do anything for her or her Arquettes?

I agree with you about Thomas Jane. And I watch Hung too. :-)

Sandra said...

For some reason, I can't take my eyes off of Patricia's humongous breasts? Where does she store those when she's making her tv show? In her change room? In a trailer out back? Where?

Deborah said...

Heff - they are lovely, but that presentation! Ack

Sarah - I KNEW you'd love that kilt!

T - check out the opening to 'Hung' to see for yourself. Hooooha!

Danielle - Seriously yes?

Joann - I've never understood that myself!

Marnie - Me too!

RJ - his hair is crazy in that last photo.

Karen - He's workin' it

Daisy - that show is great right?

Sandra - the veins are what really scare me. Wowzers!