Monday, September 27, 2010

Technology: A Gift or a Block?

It's become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity.
~Albert Einstein

I love technology.

For someone who, as a child, had to color with crayons, I've embraced technology like leggings embrace big and small butts.

I love the internet, I love information anywhere I need it, I love my Blackberry (thank you Lorenzo for showing me Blackbery App alerts).

I love music storage, I love photo management, I love softwares that make my life easier.

I LOVE my Garmin.

I love being inspired and informed by things I can research while sitting in a waiting room. It's spiff on a stick.

I don't like how it can isolate, how it can misinform, how it can run away with mundane and random shit and make it important (really? Lindsay Lohan? who cares??)

I don't like that something can be captured on a smart phone and, when it goes VIRAL (hate that word!) the video can make someone pull over in their car and immediately resign (Shirley Sherrod anyone)?

I don't like how marketers use information collected from places I visit online (does anyone really care what I'm doing on Mark's Daily Apple?). I don't like how Facebook has made stalking easy and acceptable (young uns should have to stalk the old fashioned way - like I did).

Are you fearful, yet delighted?

What do you love and hate about technology?


T said...

Yes, who the hell cares what screwups Lindsay L has achieved to date?

I agree with most everything you've said.

BUT with THAT said, I still don't own an I-Phone or a Blackberry.

And frankly, I'm quite the Facebook Snob. There's just something about that whole concept that ... uh...idunno...makes me uncomfortable. Just a bit too intrusive for my taste.

But overall...yes, technology can be a wonderful thing indeed.

Heff said...

I think modern technology is cool, but I RARELY purchase and get in to all these gadgets anymore.

Hell, these days once you purchase an item, it's OBSOLETE before you get out of the store with it !

Joann Mannix said...

" leggings embrace big and small butts."

Pure brilliance.

I love the idea of Facebook, that I can connect with people I would have spent my life wondering about.

I hate that it is one more distraction from the essentials of living. And I especially hate, what technology has done to the pastime of reading. People who in the past, might have picked up a book, now generally surf the net, when they have some spare minutes.

deb-oh-rah said...

I think the Net has negatively impacted personal communication/social skills,and at the same time is dangerous in that people (think) they can say whatever they want without consequences because they (think) they are anonymous.

I read where some college, during first week initiation, had a seminar for teaching students how to talk to each other, how to get to know other students. They actually printed out some questions to get them started -- where are you from? what is your major? Yet these same students will likely tell others their life story, really personal stuff, if they are on the Net. That's sad.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I hate how people (I don't want to EVER hear from) can find me on MySpace and Facebook then get pissed off when I don't 'friend' them.

Marnie said...

Deborah, I couldn't agree with you more! Technology is both a blessing and a curse.

I was so upset over Shirley Sherrod's situation. That was so unfortunate. It's very similar to what celebrities have put up with for years in the Star/Enquirer etc. It's just not right.

As for Lindsay...I personally think if the media stopped giving her the attention she craves, she would get the help she really needs.

Sorry for the Great post.

Ca88andra said...

I love technology. I could google my way through the day quite happily. And I love blogging. And I much prefer emails to snail mail. And I love being able to find the right recipe without buying tons of cook books. I would be lost without technology!

R. Jacob said...

Amazing clip.
Technology is a mixed bag. People expect too much of it, to solve problems. But it creates more problems then it solves.
Ah face book, the program that allows you to get in touch with people that you have avoided and ignored over the last twenty or thirty years. What a concept.

Smart phones allow you to watch a movie on a 3 inch screen instead of the 46 inch flat screen I am watching now. And pay extra for it. And people are standing in line to get them.

Sarah said...

"Spiff on a stick"--Love It!

I got chills on my spine when I was reading your Einstein quote and I thought (before ever scrolling down to see your clip) "Hey, didn't Jeff Goldblum say that in the movie 'Powder'?"
and then scrolled down to see that you had a clip from that movie.

Creepy! We're on the same wavelength ;c) If you love technology, you should come to my e-Commerce class! Lots of interesting stuff I'm learning.

The Empress said...

Yes, a blessing and a curse. But it's given me more blessings than anything bad.

So far. Knock on wood.

Deborah said...

T - exactly! Love hate thing.

Heff - the immediate obsolescence is the most frustrating part!

Joann - that's what I'm always bitching about! Fewer and fewer people are reading. IMHO of course.

deb - true dat

JJ - Facebook is not our friend. Ha!

Marnie - rant away! I love that! Shirley Sherrod made me sad. It was ridiculous.

Ca88 - I have to carry Google around with me now. I have withdrawal without it.

RJ - peeps love the latest and greatest. I will never understand waiting in line for something you will be able to get easily tomorrow. Scratching head.

Sarah - that class sounds fascinating! You'll have to tell me more about it.

Empress - that's the key. We have to separate the blessings out and jump on them. Like you have!