Monday, September 13, 2010

Things I Wonder About

How does Hotmail know I'm depressed? Or loving the chubby ladies? Or having the endless trouble with my wiener? How?

Why can't I eat dinner out without being asked 'how you doin' five or more times? But then they want to take my plate away just because I've put my fork down?

How does my aspirin know to stop my back from hurting? Why doesn't it fix something that isn't hurting?

Why has it been windy all summer?

Why are old ladies so crabby?

Why do babies smell like happiness?

Why is it I don't have to pee until the bathroom is not available?

Why is it darkest before the dawn?

Why do I blush at odd moments? Uncontrollably?

Why do I hate the word 'kid,' yet love the word 'kids'?

Why do I have to make a crazy face when I'm putting on my eye liner? I've tried to not make the face and then I cannot put it on! Grr!

Do men like it when women objectify them?

Why is confidence great, but being cocky is awful?

Why has every cat I've ever had crazy? Don't point that finger at me.

Why can I NOT concentrate on my homework?


Joann Mannix said...

Why do the puppies who were doing so great with potty training, wait until I have the carpets cleaned to start peeing all over them and leaving their nasty stench all over my freshly cleaned carpets?

R. Jacob said...

Ah, someone has been looking at my junk mail again!

Linnea said...

Why Georgia Why??

Heff said...

Why when I go to porn sites, does the internet KNOW there are so many "hot chicks available in my area" ??? LOL !!

Sandra said...

Why do babies smell like happiness...that is brilliant! That is exactly what that smell is!...notice how the crabby old ladies smell like urine?

T said...

This is a GREAT subject, points to ponder.

I must give this one more thought.


One of the characters in "Going The Distance" was plagued with this syndrome..."Why do we never see BABY pigeons in the city...Never...!" (Very funny movie!)

deb-oh-rah said...


Anonymous said...

Remember Maynard G Krebs and how he said "work"? That's how you should say homework. Smile.

Deborah said...

Joann - Puppies are like that; yeah they are! Good luck!

RJ - isn't it scary how some of them are addressed from names that you know and love? That creeps me out.

Linnea - Georgia? Are you cribbing from John Mayer again?

Heff - Hmmm . . . I wonder?

Sandra - LOLing!

T - I'll have to check that movie out.

Deb - I did, I did!

Teri - Umm . . . no! Although it does make me smile when I'm done. Like banging your head against the wall yes?