Friday, September 17, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Not so much a hot man, but a hot couple.

I caught the last 45 minutes of the movie, Sex and the Single Girl starring Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis. 1964! A movie with SEX in the title.

The movie is a silly in a fun way and it made me want to see it from the beginning. I was struck by Natalie Wood's beauty! I had forgotten how stunning she was. And it was fun watching a movie actually filmed in 1964 and compare sets with my favorite show Mad Men. I am obsessed with all things 60s.

I found this photo in my archives. I had chosen to save it for a forgotten reason. But look how Warren Beatty is looking at Natalie. I can't figure out if it's adoration or annoyance.

That's how relationships are I'm thinking. We are daily annoyed and adoring. Love it.


Heff said...

Knowing how Warren Beatty is, I'm guessing that's a "shut-up and take your clothes off" look !

R. Jacob said...

I think he is thinking"I am much prettier then her".

T said...

Annoying and adoring.

Ya probably make a good point!


Happy Friday to ya, Deborah.

Joann Mannix said...

I don't get Warren Beatty and his smugness.

Natalie sure had a thing for the pretty boys, didn't she?

Totally off topic, but have you ever seen the picture of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton caught in an embrace? I think they were having an affair at the time and they're on a boat and he's about to kiss her and it's just the most amazing captured moment, I think, of true love. Sorry, I don't have time to find it for you or I would.

I think they always loved each other, perhaps, too much, that's why they couldn't be together.

Marnie said...

He's thinking "don't steal my thunder" ;0) Seriously, they were a good looking couple. Her daughters are really pretty too.

Sandra said...

Oh I so love your Hot Man Friday!...and yes, I think that is how we go through life: annoyed yet adoring, for sure...although, I think that mostly applies for how I feel towards my husband...

Deborah said...

Heff - Around here it's 'get upstairs and take your pants off'!

RJ - He's pretty, but not that pretty.

T - I only know that I am annoying and adorable. ;)

Joann - Like attracts like as they say.

Marnie - Ha! Not that one I can believe. The smug bastard (as Joann said).

Sandra - Husbands ARE annoying and adorable.

The Empress said...

Do you remember how hot he was in this moview called "seasons" something. He was like in high school. I can't remember the title, but he was so uberhandsome and unearthly.