Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Are They Hanging?


Pup and I were out having breakfast one Saturday morning before starting our errands for the day. Two Q-tips (senior men in this case) were hanging by the grab-a-stuffed-animal game, waiting for I don't know what. Pup and I nearly choked on our scrambleds when we heard this exchange.

#1 How's it going?
#2 They're still hanging.
#1 That's all you can hope for.

The visual in my head will haunt me for years.


Heff said...

Awful chatty, weren't they ?

T said...


But the visual...uh...yeah.


R. Jacob said...

ah, gravity at work!

Karen said...

Ummmm... ew. Thanks for the visual!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Great...now I have to get THAT image out of my head. Thanks! ; )

Ca88andra said...

Yeah, well thanks for sharing! I guess I've got to put up with that visual too!

Deborah said...

Sorry guys! It just struck me so funny!