Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Short, dark, and handsome. 

As I was sussing around, gathering shots of Josh, I noticed how static his look is. Even when he sports some man-fringe. That's okay . . . I'm digging his short thighs and handsome-as-hell face. Oh, and the lips. Great lips.

He has something of the naughty going on. It's clichéd to say this, but it seems like he'd be a blast to go out with. Let's ask Diane Lane!

Or it could be he actually is that vacuous. No! He only plays that in the movies!

Yeah, I'd hang out with him.

Oh! How did this get in here? ;)


Slyde said...

well, i must say that mr brolin does nothing for me, but thank you for the pic of the delectable ms lane.

ive had a huge crush on her ever since Unfaithful

R. Jacob said...

Vacuous? Make me look up stuff? again? And find my picture next to the definition? Ouch

The Empress said...

It's Friday, you know why I'm here, baby.

You get it right everytime.

If i may:? Some Benecio, pls.

Something about that man...

Marnie said...

Happy Friday. I had to pop in and see the hottie of the week. Nice choice!

T said...

He scores higher than last week's man.


VERY nice face, bone structure.

So how tall IS he, btw?

(Oh, and I'm a Diane Lane fan too)


Heff said...

He played a good George W.

I'll give him that.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...


but you forgot to post pix from his hottest role yet:


Ca88andra said...

He looks a bit short. Is he short?

Anonymous said...

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Deborah said...

Slyde - was that not the HOTTEST movie??? I loved that movie.

RJ - you are funny!

Empress - I know you love that man!

Marnie - thank you!

T - Hmm . . . not I have to google . . . google says: that he is somewhere between 5'6" and 5'9". I'd bet on 5'6".

Heff - I liked that movie. I thought he did a fabulous job as well.

Lucky Gun - now I have to watch that movie!

Ca88 - you are funny.

Anonomo - right