Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Remodel Post - Part Three

I don't know how Karen from This Old House 2 does it. The remodel posts are exhausting! Remodeling is exhausting! But she has spiffy posts day after day showcasing her lovely home. Thank you Karen for suggesting I post about the remodel!

Dining Room
In this space the bulk of what we did was simply new table, rug, my china hutch, and plantain shutters on the bay windows in both the living room and dining room.
dining room before
dining room after
Living Room
I've talked about Pup's love-affair with his white, leather, puffy couch.
Exhibit One
I tease him about it, but it was a fine bachelor-couch. It had many recliners, it was soft, and while it had no cupholders, it did have a cubby between two of the recliners to hide his remotes. Very functional and handy.

So I move in with my couch and we parcel out his sectional to various places in the house.

I make it sound like it was a million pieces. Only two pieces were regifted (ha!).

Just the other night I sat on a lovely piece of the sofa in the Dungeon of Fun watching Pup put together this LARGE weight bench he got for himself.
Exhibit Two
Here is how it began looking after I moved in. Lovely couch. I had just bought it for my/our other house. It fit in Pup's living room nicely. But no recliners. That's what started this whole thing.
Ikea Expedit
I love how this worked on the staircase wall.
Exhibit Three
Note: Recliner-made-for-two
Tweaking is ensuing, but that's a never-ending process frankly.

The problem with any redecorating is then you start thinking about the next project and then the next project. Until you want to rip out your eyes and love what you have.

But Pup and I love shaking it up I'm thinking. Why else would we be planning the man-den?


Karen said...

WOW, Deb.. these rooms are AWESOME!!!! You've done a great job, love your colors, the blend of funky and functional and comfortable.. those Ikea black bookshelves totally rock.. what a great job.

Now.. get going on that man-den. Just don't resurrect the marshmallow couch. Just say no.

R. Jacob said...

You are making me tired.

Heff said...



Heff has TWO of those in HBAG, AND THEY ROCK !!!

You need a SPANKING !

Bad Beer, NOW THIS, LOL !!!

Anonymous said...

This looks great..I wish I were inspired for a remodel right now...really nice choices....We just bought our first ever leather couch...I was so tired of a material couch with pets....I do like a sectional though..but I usually split it up...!

Daisy said...

I LOVE that recliner for two!!!! Where did you get that??? And I love the plantation shutters. I eventually want them for my house.

T said...

Deborah......FABULOUS remodeling.

Love, love the black accents.

Love the sleek.

Just nice, very nice.

Well done.

Deborah said...

Karen - thank you! See what you've started?

RJ - Really? Or bored? I am boring and annoying. Ha!

Heff - It was actually in the pre-nup. The puffy, white, leather sectional had to go. {shiver} But, Pup laughed his ASS off at me needing a spanking. And complied. ;)

smArtee - Leather couch! I bet it's lovely.

Daisy - we found it at a a locally-owned furniture store. I'll see if I can find the name of the chair manufacturer. We got to pick our leather although we could have had it done in a fabric. We love it!

T - thank you!

R. Jacob said...

nope, not boring or annoying. Increasing my work load if I was there.

Marnie said...

You are amazing!