Friday, September 3, 2010

Hot Men Friday

I always say I'm not a big country music fan, but when I look in my iTunes there is a pretty long list in the country column.

Lucinda Williams
Johnny Cash
K.D. Lang
Lyle Lovett
Chris Isaak

No, not bunches, but I think I may be adding this guy to my pile soon.

This guy kicks ASS on the guitar.

Photo credit: John Mayer
He's very pretty, but we can forgive him for that.


T said...

Well, your list outnumbers mine.

So NOT a country fan here.


Chris Isaak? Wicked Games?

Sexiest song/video hands down.

I actually don't put him in the country category.

Wicked Games. Great song.

Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

I think I'de forgive him for just about anything :-)

R. Jacob said...

Oh you girls are so easy to please. Sexy, talented, why that;s almost me. except for the sexy and talented part.

Slyde said...

ive gotta go with T. Wicked games even turns ME on alittle...

Danielle said...

I don't think I would classify Chris Isaak as country either. But then again he falls into that weird pop category like K.D. Lang and Lyle Lovett.

It was a sexy video.

Heff said...

When you mentioned Country Music and "Pile" you hit the nail on the head of how I feel about the shit :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah no Country for me...I do think Tim Mcgraw his kinda hot...but for some reason I dont like...that guy...whats his name..Oh Keith...???...I Do like Johnny Cash though.....!...

Marnie said...

I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating crackers ;0)

Ca88andra said...

Can't stand country music! But the odd KD Lang or Chris Isaak is ok...

The Empress said...

You know what made me laugh? I always say I'm not a country fan, either, then Ilook at my CD collection, Lucinda Williams, Old KD Lang, Johny Cash..

denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Thanks for the smiles!

Deborah said...

T - I am in TOTAL agreement about Wicked Games. A favorite for years.

Avril - thank you!

Karen - He's adorable as well. I stalk him like a hunter.

RJ - don't forget his self-deprecating wit. :)

Slyde - Serious to the true yes?

Danielle - I like to watch it once in a while just because.

Heff - don't you wander away from rock even a tiny bit?

smArtee - I'm not ready to hightail it to Cowboy Jacks or anything, but certain songs get me. Overall no.

Marnie - hell, I'd bake him gluten-free crackers and put them on a plate for him.

Ca88 - I know what you mean!

The Empress - yes!

*Chris Isaak IS in one of those weird categories. I think it's good he can't be totally catagorized. Love him forever.