Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm So Tired

I've been studying all day! My eyes are dry and blinky. I just voluntarily did dishes to get the hell away from these damn books.

It was in the 40s here. Sun shining like a . . . well . . . sun. It's actually hot in the house from the sun beating on the west side. It looked lovely from my cage workspace.

I'm not whining! It's just the sun in my eyes.

Okay peeps. I'm off to do some problems. Pray for me.


Blasé said...

Oh God (that's what she said)...I ask that you help Deborah solve her problems whatever they may be. She won't tell me what specific problems she has, but you know what they are because you know every damn thing.


Deborah said...

I'm nothing if not a pragmatist my darling Mr. B.

My Pup said to tell you that he worships at the Church of Sleep.

R. Jacob said...

40's? up there that is almost bikini time!

Dutch donut girl said...

If there's ever any sunshine, you gotta grab it and shine on!!!
I'm so jealous. It's semi-cold here :(

Good luck with studying. Have fun.