Friday, February 5, 2010

I Am Going Shopping Tomorrow

Shopping being the key word here. Not buying, shopping.

Here is what Pup always says, "Honey, we are buyers, not shoppers." When the man is right, the man is right. Would you guys believe me if I told you he is waaaaaaaaaay worse than me?

I'm listening.

Hey, I can take it! Hit me!

Well . . . he is worse. The man recently bought a new computer because his had a virus. I'm not fibbing!

But, I'm going shopping tomorrow.

Here is a visual wishlist.

I need this bag. And everything else she has.

Sigh. Really, isn't this perfect?

Hmm . . . I can shop in someone's closet for this . . .

I don't think I have enough luggage.

Good god, the bag, the shoes, her scarf, her hair, her legs. I hate her. :)

Rinse, repeat . . . I am a broken record. But really, could she be cuter?

Wait, I meant this one.

How about this one? Would you believe this photo is from the 60s? Love it.

And . . . I wouldn't mind finding one of these. Do you think Pup would mind?


Ms. Anthropy said...

The ONLY thing I could possibly wear, out of all these pictures, is what the cute guy has on. Do you think I could talk him out of them? And that first purse would drag the ground on me!

Ms. Anthropy said...

Oh, shat! I just realized how that sounded. *engage brain BEFORE publishing comment. Oops!

rupinder said...

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R. Jacob said...

I do like the 60's photo the best, and the rinse , repeat picture 2nd best. Those heels, just a tad too tall? I might be a little picky, but I know what I like!

Dutch donut girl said...

I'm not a bag person (yeah, I know) but picture 1 & 6 are my favorites (clothes wise).
Have a nice weekend!

Deborah said...

MA - Are you saying you want to take that boy's clothes off? Bad girl! I love you!

DDG - And I thought we were sistahs! I'll carry the bag when we're out shopping then, deal?

Dutch donut girl said...

Deal! And you can wear the high-heeled shoes too. Heels are sexy, but I would get distracted with all the sights, sounds and crowds of shopping and break my neck with those shoes. Shopping is not much fun with a broken neck. It would disturb our sistahs vibe.

TryN2FitN said...

Hey Lovey, DS = 30 Day Shred, so I can get into some of the lovely summer styles, lol. Thanx for the compliment, tryin to get back there after recovery.

Ms. Anthropy said...

No, no, no... I am NOT a cradle robber. Just the clothes, not the kid. Poor thang, he's probably young enough to be my grandkid. Now THAT'S a scary thought!

Niki said...

Hey hun I tagged you,

Anonymous said...

Loving the charcoal gray...there's seems to be a pattern here.

Moi said...

The girl in the zippered skirt, I remember seeing this on Sartorialist. I was obsessed with finding her skirt! It's so chic!