Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Want to Be Like Samantha Stevens

I TiVo Bewitched and keep a stockpile of them available for nights I cannot fall asleep. I like to turn on an episode and get lulled to sleep with Sam schlepping around in her perfect 60s kitchen, solving problems with just a little "twitch."

Most of the episodes start with her in the kitchen, fixing breakfast for Derwood. I used to think I preferred the first Darrin, but I have now come to believe that he didn't matter at all. It was only Sam.

I love how she's always ready to start her day. She's never sitting at the computer at 10 a.m., still in her flannel jammie-pants and camisole, cold coffee sitting on her left, cream congealing in the mug. No! She doesn't ever have uncombed hair or kitchen counters full of toast crumbs.

Nope - she's chatting with Endora or hiding something from Darrin, or waiting for her daddy. Pouring coffee from a great carafe and cleaning her side-by-side fridge. I want to be her when I grow up.

Remember that song by the The Bangles?

These are the days
when you wish
your bed
already made.

I'll get to it. I just want to have one more cup of coffee.


Blasé said...

In the second pic, I'm forced to imagine me pressing my lips against hers....very gently. Then, I myself would probably feel a "twitch" sensation of some sort...

Marla said...

Good post and I so agree.

Dutch donut girl said...

I would like to be a member of Charlie's Angels or Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh from The Closer.
They get the bad guys and also get to kick butt.

Deborah said...

"Kickin' butt and haulin' ass."

Where is that from?

You are the girl avenger!

Heff said...

I still watch "I Dream Of Jeannie", but for entirely different reasons, i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

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