Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Dad Sent Me a Valentine

I thought it was from Momma Bee, but it was my dad. Oh it made my heart swell. Love you Dad! I hope you and MB are having the most wonderful day.

I'm up early on this Valentine's day, as is my want. I'm on the PC in the guest room, (Excel homework dollinks - rapture!) drinking coffee from my newish ginormous red mug, contemplating my morning shower, and should be contemplating my morning Callanetics, but love is calling to me.
How are all of you guys spending your day?

Me and Pup will have some nice steak tonight. Poor baby is working all day so my darling Sarah Bella and I are going thrifting. It will be a beautiful February day here in frigid-land, sunny and teens (want to talk about how SICK I am of my Uggs? Hmm?).

Every Feb 14 I am mostly ambivalent. It's brilliant to have love showcased and admired. I have problems with the pressure put on everyone to have the "perfect" gift, plans, flowers. I feel badly for men on this day! Oh the pouting I've seen! Oh the "dump him" comments I've heard over the years pertaining to men - mine and other's men because of this day.

Here's a new thought (ha!) - love is every day, not this day. I told Puppers, "Let's just stay home, have steak, and be cozy with our Big Love and our love. Who wants to sit in a resto with dozens of other people watching harried staff try to make special moments?

It's all good. Let's mark this day any way we want.

For me, I love my Pup, I love my family, I love my friends, I love my animals. Simple Simone Signoret yes?

Knock it out of the park peeps. Have a redhearted day. Smooches.


Blasé said...

Knowing my luck, we'd go out for dinner tonight and it would be full of butt-ugly folks...

I'm fighting major depression, so this weekend is probably shot. Love will surpass any particular 'day'.

Deborah said...

Hole up with your SB, have one of DDs chocolate doughnuts, watch something scandalous and indulgent, or listen to something you love.

These aren't as glib as they sound. I guess I'm just trying to say, indulge a little in the sadness and then come back. Sometimes I dig on the sadness yes?

Ms. Anthropy said...

Was reading the comments, before typing mine, and saw Blasé's. Major depression! I know all about that! I've been fighting it for years. Bet the Ambien is doing more harm than good. What's your bet?

Miss Eve said...

Dear Deborah!

Just stopping by and wishing you Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm on a vacation in Thailand and will return to my blog on the 25th of February.

Much love: Evi

R. Jacob said...

happy times are precious times.