Friday, February 5, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Do you remember when you were a wee girl and you were just beginning to get that wriggly feeling? You didn't know what it was, but it sure felt good?

Paul's was the first image that I would stare at to feel that way. Oy, I was such a young un! So so a little girl. Loved him then and love him still.

Love him with scruff.

Love how he loved his Linda. Oh he loved that woman. Talk about thick and thin yes?

Here's to Paul and his lovely Linda.


R. Jacob said...

will you still love him when your "64"?

Anonymous said...

I loved his relationship with Linda too... heartbroken when she died. And REALLY didn't like Heather.

Ms. Anthropy said...

I think I did, too. Then again... it's hard to remember back that far!

Blasé said...

At least he can say that he had the 'love of his life' at one time in his life. Many folks can never say that.

Blasé said...

ps- I'm going to try that Red Potato (raw..cooked??)and, I have no idea what "5HTP" is??

Deborah said...

Cook the potato. You can have butter, salt, pepper, anything you want except protein. Eat the potato 3 hours after your dinner (and protein) then eat the potato. I couldn't believe how it can help. Weird dreaming because of all the REM going on.

It's not a "knock you out for 8 hours" thing, but it really really helps.

Not being able to sleep is awful. You need your sleep!