Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Sister from Another Mister

Not really, but it sounded good yes?

I'm a lucky girl. I don't travel in a girl-pack like the young uns do, but I have a couple of girlfriends that I adore and love to spend time with.

One of them is the lovely Reechie. I met her on the job about, OMG can it be 18 years ago??? We worked together for several years and then I quit the job to open a consignment store in my small town.

She came in with some stuff one Saturday, we had lunch, and a friendship for real started up.

Over the course of the next years we discovered that although we LOOKED as though we might not have anything in common we had the most complete and random set of things that the two of us did identically.

Our talks were always peppered with, "OMG - are you kidding me? I sort my undie drawer by type with the descending color-scheme starting with lightest to darkest too! OMG - what? You love daisies? Obsessively? OMG - you laugh like a hyena and break the sound barrier at the same time? Love you"!

Over the years we would show up at events with nearly the same thing on. And we had not talked about what we would be wearing. We would shop separately and call each other to talk about what we had bought only to find out the other had the same thing.

We had the same leather coat, the same Coach handbag. One Christmas we exchanged gifts with each other only to find out we had given the same, identical, Coach lipstick holder to each other. In red. I'm not fibbing.

When these things would happen we would start laughing in our hyena-way, attracting all kinds of looks. I love this girl!

So, this past weekend we had a girl's day and sleepover at her house. Had the loveliest time checking out holistic health stores, antique stores, and natural food stores. Then we went to her house to watch movies, drink wine, make a delicious dinner, and look at all the booty we had bought that day.

She went into her cupboard and pulled out this.

I started squealing like a little girl at a rock concert, stuttering and hollering, "OMG Reechie. I have the same freaking thing for all my damn vitamins and crap."

Can you even believe?

I'm sure all of you guys are thinking, "Why do I care about this"? and you'd be right. Maybe you have to be in our heads, but every time this happens we just stare at each other and say, "How did Mom not know she had another daughter"?

Connections are made. Friends are found. Aren't we all so lucky?


Glamour Whore said...

Awwwww....I love this post:) Thank You for sharing:) xoxo

Tail-Kinker said...

You two are awfully cute...!

What about the fact that you named your firstborn daughters the same name?!?

Karen said...

Great post and so very true.

And.. OMG I have a consignment shop too!! But I gotta tell ya, I am not organized enough to have a handy little basket for all the crap in my cabinet :-)

Christina Lee said...

OMG Love it! Too funny b/c my BFF and I are like this too. We now "check" before showing up somewhere in the same outfit. Ain't it grand??

Dutch donut girl said...

I'm sure all of you guys are thinking, "Why do I care about this"?
HA! That's not what I thought at all.

My best friend and I are nothing alike. Ying and yang, but we go together like eggs & bacon.

Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed.

What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

Kristin said...

My bestie/bloggy partner has been my P.I.C. (partner in crime) since we were 16...We're 31 and still going strong. I'm thankful for her every day!

Deborah said...

Best friends are the BEST!

Deborah said...

I really have a way with words don't I?