Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Loves Do It Good

I've been tagged by the lovely and talented Danielle. Check out her digs! She has mad-love for awesome nail color and 80s music! Smooches.

I am to tell seven interesting things about myself . . . hmm . . . this could take some time.
  1. When I was little I had irrational fears of both escalators and docks. I always thought one would eat me up and the other one would throw me off. Weird little kid.
  2. This one isn't as interesting as it is a commonly-held guilty pleasure. I like driving in my car and seriously singing at the top of my lungs. I bounce in my carseat, hit the steering wheel with emphasis, shake my head, play the same song over and over (Journey!). I have a HUGE delusion that someday, somehow, I'm going to be discovered.
  3. I can't go barefoot. I cannot STAND to feel stuff under my toes. Blech and scary!
  4. I cannot go into a store without checking out their handbags. I just KNOW if I don't that I will miss out on something fabulous.
  5. I laugh loudly and often. I've had people look at me in disbelief and I've had people search me out to see who is attached to that laugh. Either is fine with me. I'm a loud girl!
  6. I played trombone in school. First chair.
  7. I had 60s love way before it was cool. I have a 60s style phone in my kitchen (huge tank I call it) and whenever someone new comes over they always say, "Does that work? Can I dial it and call someone"? Yeah dude, it's how the world used to work.
Danielle has me thinking, once again, about 80s music. Here is something for a little listen . . .


Dutch donut girl said...

Oh, I love that man (Lou Gramm).

#5: I have the same 'problem'. People turn around to see where the noise is coming from. A high school classmate once asked me if I laughed like that on purpose, to get the attention of boys. WHAT??? No! It’s not like I think about it… it is just my first reaction.

Anonymous said...

OH my God, Foreigner..brings me back, that's for sure. And I played Baritone horn in the Orchestra and Jazz Band. The only girl in that section.

Ms. Anthropy said...

I miss laughing AND the 80's. My feet NEVER touch the floor! I keep some kind of shoes by the tub, the pool, the bed... I'm never without shoes.

Anonymous said...

I can soooooo relate to No. 2 and 5.


Dance, love, sing, laugh.

Isn't that what life is all about anyway?