Friday, February 12, 2010

Hot Men Friday

I've had this discussion with several women so I know I'm not waving any new freak-flag here, but how hot was Tony Soprano?

A balding, paunchy, narcissist that not only cheated on his wife every minute of every day, but had his own nephew killed.

Before Pup entered my life I had never owned cable television. In fact, even though I loved television, I only had a lonely 19-inch in my tiny city apartment (granted it was in a darling living room with tiny french doors that opened out to my darling tiny wrought iron balcony, but again - that's another story for another day).

So, with that tiny apartment came some down time on weekends in the winter where I would curl up in my enormous green corduroy chair with a glass of red wine, the latest Vogue, and my Netflixed Sopranos.

I was mesmerized for weeks.

I had heard people talk about the Sopranos for years. How I HAD to watch it. I had seen the cast and the show win awards year after year. I didn't think it would interest me.

Why I decided to Netflix, I cannot really remember, but from the first chords of the opening song I was in like a quarterback on prom night, in like your hips into your skinny jeans when you're feeling thin, in like your foot to the perfect shoe (how did I get there??). Oh I was in.



R. Jacob said...

Some are drawn to the dark side of human nature, peeking through closed fingers, can't look away.

on the other hand, those skinny jeans, now that is worth looking at.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Skinny jeans? All the jeans in my closet are skinny jeans... skinnier than me anyway!

Dutch donut girl said...

Tony Soprano? Fuhgeddaboudit.