Sunday, September 16, 2012


1990 or so. I think. Help me Naea?
Lorenzo and I had a weepy moment the other day. Separately.

I had started the day just thinking that my insomnia was getting the best of me and felt as though I just may be starting to lose it. A little bit of crying at my computer and I was good to go. I, personally, don't see anything wrong with a little cry now and then. It always makes me feel better!

I head out to an appointment and get a call from my darling Lorenzo. I miss it because I'm in my noisy Ruby (Jeep Wrangler) so I call her back.

"Momma, did you listen to my voicemail?" Lorenzo said. "I am having a crying jag! I woke up this morning and started thinking about Nana."

My momma, her Nana, died eight years ago in September.

I had been thinking about her on and off all week as well. It hadn't really hit me why I was thinking about her because I think about her often.

We now know why we were weeping. Even if you don't think you consciously remember; it's down there in your brain.

Love you my Momma. Miss you always.


T said...

This is therapeutic for me, Deborah, to know that it's okay to cry and grieve...STILL.

Eight years later, and the pain of missing her is ever present in your heart. I so get that.

I feel your tears. I understand. We never get over it, do we?

Big hug to you.

Ms. A said...

I agree the subconscious mind knows! I suffer through April and May. Those were tough months, fifteen years ago and my brain never seems to forget it, even when I'm not trying to consciously think about it.


So. Cal. Gal said...

My crying jags are in May and October, especially Halloween. We talked about my uncle, who was killed in a construction accident, just tonight. He was my age when he died.

deb-oh-rah said...

These things can sneak up on you. I haven't lost a parent yet, so can't say I know how it feels, can only imagine . . . but take care of yourself.

Such a sweet picture of all of you!

Linnea LaCasse said...

I remember this photo so well! It was Mothers Day! Miss Mama so much! Fall was always her favorite time of year. I always think about her often this time of year. Makes me appreciate my sis and nieces all the more. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Linnea LaCasse said...

BTW Sis! It was the year 1986. That was my outfit of the year. Sad but true. lol! After was the 80"s!!

Deborah said...

1986 - that means I was a very new momma to my Lorenzo. I do look a little breast-feedy. lol

We were very cute.