Thursday, September 27, 2012

I have no idea . . .

. . . what is on my mind this glorious morning.
  1. our weather has been no less than spectacular.
  2. I found something that is working for my insomnia - so far so good - two weeks!
  3. planning a January trip with two friends to somewhere warm warm warm - hot damn dog.
  4. driving today to cute small town to see my parents - so happy my sister and I are tag-teaming these trips. Barnabee sounds wonderful.
  5. drinking my morning coffee from my enormous mug.
  6. still getting pangs whenever I see anyone with a Blackberry. Wah!
  7. can fall last forever please?
  8. our darling Lorenzo is buying a townhouse! I am excited beyond measure. I could go on and on about her, but I won't - just know that she is the best thing you've ever seen. Love her madly.
  9. Looking for townhouses with our darling Lorenzo is FUN! Every place I enter I start decorating in my head. I will help her, but not hinder her. I promise.
  10. My Bella is more than you'd ever know. Full-time job where she is involved in major corporate changes, finishing up her undergrad degree at the Carlson school in the UofM, becoming a power-volunteer with the org we are volunteering for. My heart bursts on a daily basis.
 I'm not feeling funny or snarky today. Sad for me! I like a little hot sauce in my coffee to keep me laughing. That's okay - I'm thinking all this sleep is making me groggy. Maybe? Believe me - I find something to bitch about no matter what. Ha!
Unrelated photo from new phone - hmmm . . .
What's on your list of to-dos today? Put the top down and drive hooches. I just might. I'll be the girl with the hat driving in the 10 and 2 position. Don't make fun of me.


Karen said...

What's the insomnia secret????...

Congrats to your daughter!! That's really very exciting. Let us know where she settles, and what you do to "help" decorate :-)

T said...

I want fall to last forever too.

Your trip in January ... I envy you.

I'm not ruling out townhouses for my "next home." Less to worry about, clean, etc. Spent last weekend in one. I ... LIKED it.

I need to know your insomnia secret. My dear friend/neighbor is suffering badly.

If I lived closer, I'd INSIST that you and Ruby stop by and rescue me from my more tedious and far less glamorous day.

Smothering hugs

Ms. A said...

The "something" you found for your insomnia... is it legal? Please share!

When I first glanced at that photo while I was reading... I thought a cat had extra ears on it's butt!

So. Cal. Gal said...

My MN cuz called on Saturday afternoon and said it was 49 degrees. I hope the weather has changed since then...unless you like 'spectacular' cold weather. ; )

And I have my own sleep remedy. It's called major pain meds. lol! I still stay up til 3 am, but it's by choice now.

Deborah said...

I'll share the insomnia secret - it isn't perfect, but it does seem to be helping.