Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just Like Audrey Hepburn

It's been a long and hot summer.

And, as mentioned, I've been wearing nothing but skirts, dresses, tanks. Nothing with legs or sleeves. My happiest days are when I can say, "I'm wearing only two things!" Pup usually says, "Take one off!"

That's how hot it's been. And now it's September. And still pretty hot. And I work retail. Where you're running around. And I'm hot. I just am!

Yesterday morning I had to open at The Turnstyle. I haven't opened in a loooooong time. In fact a lot of this hot summer I wasn't at work at all with all the Barnabee squiring I was involved in (smooches Barnabee).

Before I leave for work I stand in front of my closet. Peering into its depths. There is more in there than needs to be - hey, I'm a woman. But just between you and me? That closet is out of control. No matter how much I edit and purge and ween out crap, it's full full full.

Imagine the sound of hangers being shuttled to the left, click click click. I go deeper and deeper.

Aha! A little black dress. Sleeveless. To the knee. A kick pleat in the back. Price tag still on. WTH?

A woman phenomenon. We buy stuff on sale. My favorite phrase is, "It costs less than a latte!" Nothing makes me happier than a price tag with several strikes through the price making it lower and lower and than it's thrown in a 75 percent off rack. Oh the heaven of it all. Even at The Turnstyle, a consignment store, I love when it's at least 50 percent off.

But I digress, of course.

I clip off the tag. Look lovingly at the price. "Ooooo, that was a good shopping day." I slip on the dress.

I like to turn to the side, suck everything in perfectly, admire my front bumps and back bumps, and convince myself how amazing I look. Hey - it's all presentation. Even when you catch a glimpse of the back bump in motion. Oye vey!

I throw my badly behaved hair up high in a clip, pull out some very artful hangy-pieces (yup - otherwise known as what-the-hell hair) and call it a day.

I trot off to work where new young un interim manager/intern Izzy and Shelley-belly tell me I look just like Audrey Hepburn.

Yup, I look exactly like this, right down to the sunglasses and coffee.
Oh the power of a little black dress! And be quiet y'all. A girl can have a moment yes?

Hooches - repeat after me - I may not be everything, but I sure am something!

Go get em!


Shabbygal said...

Ahh yes the little black dress no gals closet is complete without one!I haven't worn mine in a year! I need to come up with a reason to wear mine! Traci

Anonymous said...

Totally had me laughing at this post... Ah, yes... the bumps when viewed from the side... HA! My closet is overflowing... literally, and I already purged it heavily this summer but it's friggin full again!! Somebody STOP ME!!!

T said...

I'm sitting here envisioning you in that dress, the hair up and pinned, lookin all sexy and stuff...yep. You got that look, that style. You wear it well.

No. You trump Audrey.

And as for black dresses? A woman can never have too many. The absolute foundation of sex appeal.

Keep that one out in front in your closet, girl!

Ms. A said...

You can move the hangers in your closet? Mine don't move at all. Problem is, nothing fits and I refuse to buy bigger stuff!

I'd love to look like Audrey, even on her worst day!!!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I'm glad someone can look good in a 'little' black dress. ; )

Sara Louise said...

Well that must have be an awesome way to start your day! Nothing like a good compliment :)

Not So Simply Single said...

So true!

You are awesome Deborah!

Deborah said...

Traci - it really is nice having something you can simply throw on and look pretty fabulous.

Diane - I always have to start singing Fergies's Lady Bumps or whatever that song is. Bumps sexy? Who knew?

tPretty - You are so cute! I admire your style as well. You have the best hair I've ever seen! I crave your hair.

Ms A - you need to consign! You'll clear out that closet and make money. Win and win.

SGC - it really isn't all that little. But it's black!

Sara Louise - my real thoughts on all of that lovin'? . . . they were simply surprised I cleaned up like that. :)

Lisa - You are a sweet woman. mwah!