Friday, September 28, 2012

Hot Men Friday

Jeff Hephner

I had never heard of this guy before I started watching Kelsey Grammer's Boss.  If you like sex, power, bad behavior, and a gorgeous cast check this show out.

This guy plays a politician. He is so naughty. He is fun watching being naughty. Steamy! And naughty. Did I say he was naughty? Heh!
I love it when baby-faced guys try to look all serious and gruff. Grrrr!

It's a good show though if you like that kind of stuff. Which I apparently do. Reinforcing my image as deep-as-a-puddle.

And this girl is fun to watch as well. I want my new nickname to be Kitty!
I have the glasses, but that's about it.


T said...

I've missed your HOT MEN FRIDAYS.

I haven't heard of him either, and only remotely familiar with this show, Boss. Must check it out. Those subjects push buttons for me too. :)

My favorite is the gruffy-serious one in the black coat. "Grrrr." Yes. Yes.

And I must have those glasses. My monovision contacts aren't doing the trick anymore; I still have to wear readers.

Boss. Check.

Karen said...

I haven't heard of him either... I'm still pining for Harry Connick Jr., really.. just give me that man and you can have every other on the planet :-)

Ms. A said...

He wears 37 quite well! He certainly doesn't look that old... not that that's old, mind you. I have vague memories of it.

Sara Louise said...

I know I've seen that guy in something else before but I just can't think of what! He is super duper hot though so I'm off to google, and I think I need to start watching Boss!

Deborah said...

T - hot men are always good. What would we do without them?

Karen - Harry! I may have to feature him.

Ms A - funny! I now think someone that age is a baby!

Sara Louise - Boss is really good.