Saturday, September 1, 2012


Actually, it was me on the phone, having a conversation with a voter. Read this aloud with a loud voice, full of disdain and derision.

Are you trying to talk to me about gays and lesbians for cryin' out loud? I'm a Republican!

Oh well, at least I wasn't talking to a chair. Although my head does hurt a little bit from banging it against several walls.

It's all the other conversations I had that day that made that headache go away. Bang on Minnesotans!



Karen said...

LOL... just wow. but i'm not surprised.

Sarah said...

Lol you should have told him about our "republicans vote no" sticker!

Ms. A said...

You're a brave woman!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Some people are idiots. Not you, of course. : )

deb-oh-rah said...

I manned the phones for Recall Walker here in WI and luckily didn't get any harangues. I was nervous, though.

Congrats. We need more people to get involved in our gov't issues. "We the People" are still responsible for making it work!

Deborah said...

Karen - it really made me laugh though. Funny how most of the people running the volunteering place are not laughers though. Soooooo serious are the young uns!

Sarah - I know!

Ms A - not brave; just really super annoying.

SCG - but we all vote! Maybe they'll stay home? I doubt it!

deb - I am not nervous at all. I love getting someone to think just a wee bit differently. I know it might not always make a difference, but just knowing that they might look at the issue from another angle excites me.