Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thinking About

The Cure.

I think I forgot how I love them so. And I've never seen them live.

Do you love to see your favorites on the stage?

Or would you rather curl up listening to them in your home, in your favorite chair, on the floor, sitting at the table, or at your desk?

Music makes me insane. All my life it has been so.

If I am having the crappiest day, if I leave my volunteer job in tears because someone has been such an asshole, if I fall behind on the things I need to do, if I just feel shitty for no reasonable reason; all I have to do is find something amazing to listen to and - bam! - it's better.

And I thank the powers that this is so.

Do me proud today my hooches. I noticed yesterday that the light is changing in the sky and it has fall written all over it.


Karen said...

It does, and i'm loving it.

Music has always lifted me or brought me to tears. My hearing impairment has robbed some of that from me, but I can still "hear" some of my favorites from memory to go along with the parts of the songs I can no longer listen to.

Truly it's food for the soul.

T said...

Well girl, u KNOW what I have to say about this.

Music is the voice and breath of my soul. Forever. Always.

The Cure, YES. Lovesong. My favorite.

Music makes all shitty days better.

Ms. A said...

I haven't been to a live music show in probably 25 years. I'm not crazy about crowds. I prefer to do my listening with family, or alone, where I can control the volume.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I've only seen Kenny Loggins, Styx, and Neil Diamond (don't judge) in person. I'd really rather listen to music in the comfort of my own home.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

Surprisingly, I never really got into The Cure. Which is strange when you consider how much I love new wave. With that said, I will always leave the radio station untouched if they happen to play A Forest or The Walk.

Deborah said...

Karen - smooch and kiss to you. I love feeling it in my chest so I know what you are saying. mwah!

tPretty - I KNOW how you feel about music. We are soul sistes!

Ms A - do you love cranking it waaaaay up? ;)

SCG - it's fun at home; yes it is. Ha!

Lucky Gun - That does surprise me a little. Some songs are great though.