Sunday, September 23, 2012

Are You Lost?

All the dishes rattle
in the cupboards
when the elephants arrive. 

I'm not certain why, but this is rolling around in my head (alone I might add). For days now! Cake is one of those groups/bands/whatevers that my Bella introduced me to. I don't think I would have found them on my own. Maybe I would have? Regardless, I have loved Cake ever since.

I dated a guy for a bit back when I was dating and he and I would hang out in my tiny St. Paul apartment a lot and he always wanted me to put Cake on my little tiny stereo/system/whatevers every time he arrived with wine and a smile. He is the one that pointed out to me that Cake has no lead guitar. I pretended to know this by nodding wisely and smiling at him. He may or may not have been fooled by my ploys. But I thank him for my love of whiskey. Smooches Harry.

This particular set of lyrics is firmly stuck for the time being. I don't have a clue why (be nice).

My interpretation? When those elephants arrive, and those dishes are rattling, pay attention yes? The problem? I never know if it's the dinner plates rattling. Or the dessert plates. Or the cups and saucers. It makes a difference! I know there's a little voice in all of us, but I misinterpret my little voice constantly! Kinda like the way I drove before my Garmin (love you my Garmin). I would approach an intersection; think about where I wanted to be; choose the wrong way; every time.

I do believe I need a Garmin-type device on my decision-making sensors. Ha!
Pup gets the craziest fortune cookies!
I am happy and sad to share that I had to buy a new phone. My beloved and much abused Blackberry bit it and I had to choose a new love. I went with Samsung and so far the relationship is a bit rocky, but I am loving Swyping with wild abandon. I do know my thumbs are thanking me.

The camera is good! But this thing is larger than some phones from the early 90s! Holy Hannah it's big.

Smooches all of my lovely peeps. I wish you all could come visit me at work today. I'll need some friendly faces to make me happy because I have to work on such a glorious day.


David Macaulay said...

marvelous - I am persuaded to at least check out Cake

Ms. A said...

I panic every time I think about having to learn a new phone!

Work, huh? Well, try to enjoy your day, anyway!

I've never heard of Cake.

So. Cal. Gal said...

Mmm, cake...uhh, where was I?

Oh yeah, when I hear dishes rattle, I usually run for cover because that means "EARTHQUAKE!" : D

Karen said...

Do I dare admit I've never heard of "Cake"?....

T said...

Wish I had never heard of CAKE.


But... I've never heard of "Cake."

And btw, I despise my phone... How do I abhor thee? Let me count the ways.

Waiting for "upgrade" time.


Deborah said...

David - a little piece may be all you need. Not all love on the Cake.

Ms A - it is hell a little bit.

SCG - lolol! I have never felt one. I bet I'd freak!

Karen - that's okay, although I heard them on a soundtrack to a new movie recently. Of course I cannot remember the movie. Ha.

tPretty - is it a smartphone? It was a hard decision!

T said...


It's an Android.

I really don't like it at all.

I should have thought this one through and/or done more research.