Sunday, September 16, 2012


  1. Start day with coffee, Stevia, and heavy cream. I am contemplating the rest of the day. Of course I am not prepared. Wouldn't you all be disappointed if I were all prepared? Who likes a smart-ass? Why I do!
  2. I worked five hours at The Turnstyle today. I looked up "standing" in my fitness calculator and was a bit shocked how many calories standing for hours can burn. Very interesting.
  3. I don't like to eat while at work so when I leave I am starving. Muy estúpido. 
  4. Pup and I go to a movie. I was excited to see it. It blew. Ate popcorn. Yum!
  5. I fall into bed and sleep a long time. Well, for me a long time. It was restless, but sleep. I'll take it!
I had a bit of pasta to wear off from Friday evening's family night at Buca di Beppo. We were celebrating our beautiful, smart, and accomplished Bella's 30th birthday. How on earth!!! Second celebration of that birthday in the same week. Score!
I very rarely eat pasta because it is one of those things I cannot eat enough of when I'm eating it. But I ate some last night and enjoyed every bite. And didn't do too horribly. There was also a wonderful eggplant strata that I had my fair share of. Nummy!

It was an evening of delicious red wine and all of Sarah Bella's parental units. I am proud to say that her daddy (my wasband), his wife, the Big B's parents, Pup, and I were all in attendance. And, of course, Lorenzo (Lorenzo's man, BT, was unable to attend).

I am really a lucky and happy woman that I get along with my ex, can chat away with his wife with no weirdness, and even give said wasband major shit about this or that. I kinda love it. This is the new normal; for us anyway. I could see how happy it made Bella and for that my heart swells with everything good.

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T said...

Lucky you indeed, that you can remain friends. It should always be that way.

I've never been crazy about pasta. Probably a good thing; I have too many other triggers to resist. If it tastes yummy to me, I want to just keep eating and eating. Being full is irrelevant.

What fun...the pic says it all, capturing the festive spirit of the occasion.