Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Leonardo DiCaprio

I'm one of the, maybe, two people in the world who refused to see Titanic. Drove my oldest daughter, Bella, INSANE at the time. "Mom! It's awesome"! Her eyes filled with tears. She just couldn't believe I'd be so beastly.

The truth is I wasn't a fan of Leo. And guess what? The boat sank. Can you spell cynical? (Uh uh, I had to spell-check it - ha!)

I saw the spread Rolling Stone did on him and I've enjoyed several of his movies over the past few years.

Pup and I went to see Inception last week. It's good, and it takes you spinning in a few places (not nearly like The Sixth Sense did back in the day though.) and I noticed, once again, that Leo is a damn fine actor. He's a bit fluffy too and I like a tiny bit of fluff on a guy. Chiseled in stone abs kinda scare me!


Karen said...

I think he's an acquired taste... I wasn't a fan in his earlier years either, but he is a great actor... did you see Shutter Island?

I watched sixth sense again last night on TV.. that movie totally had me till the end... I usually figure those things out.

R. Jacob said...

I agree with Karen, he has gotten better over the years, more depth with the role. Shutter Island was very good.

Deborah said...

I did see Shutter Island. Loved it!

How about Revolutionary Road?

Marnie said...

He definitely grew into his look. Some people get better with age, and he is one of them. I like him!

Heff said...

Leo still looks like a little boy to me.

J.J. said...

His first movie, Who's Eating Gilbert Grape?, with Johnny Depp is soooooo good! His best work, imo.

I'm one of the few women who hated Titanic. You didn't miss anything.

Karen said...

I thought Titanic sucked too... and J.J. is right.. he was incredible in Who's eating Gilbert Grape. I don't even know how he did what he did.

I double commented!

Joann Mannix said...

Titanic was 10 kinds of awful and I hate so say it but that Revolutionary Road was just utter ridiculousness. I did a post on it aways back, it just killed me with its depressing, strange plot.

And yes, Leo is an acquired taste. He has certainly grown into those big shoes of his.

I love the new digs. They are just smashing!

The Empress said...

Wow, you redecorated... Nice touch,nice touch. Leonardo, Leonardo, he is one chap who did not have to grow on me, nor was he an acquired taste...nope, me likee from the first timee.


T said...

I loved Titanic.

And Leonardo has aged like fine wine...better with each passing year.

My favorite thing about him is his EYES! GORGEOUS BLUE EYES!

Double thumbs up on this hottie.

Snappy Di said...

Leo... I never did like that name.

Guess I better go rent some Leo movies though and catch up with all of you.


Snappy Di said...

Had to come back and double comment because Karen did.