Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Nothing major going on around here. A few projects as summertime dictates. What's summer unless you're working like a slave in HOT and STICKY weather?

Pup really is working like a slave on the brick. Lots of cutting. He's doing a fabulous job!

Lovely yes?

Little house project turned out awesome.

Check out my small collection of 60s coffee decanters. I swoon for the black and gold.

I have resurrected my momma's empanadas. When I was a kid we called them 'tacos'. My mom was a trailblazer in the burbs with these things. I've never tasted anything like them in any Mexican restaurant. Delicious!

I've had a huge craving for sun tea. Mmmmm!

The garden is coming along nicely. My little experiment with a small chunk of real estate in the back yard will soon pay off. See my zuke flowers? I LOVE zukes. I know I'll be singing the blues in a few weeks when there are billions of them. But zuke bread, zuke preserves, zuke zoodles, zuke in meatloaf; it's never ending. LOVE LOVE.

Tomatoes! I'm hungry for them. Hurry little guys, I want to bite you like an apple.

Look at this! Lovely.

George has had lunch many times with us at Wagners (world famous drive-in. What? You've never heard of it? I'm sorry for you! It's the kind of place where they handpat their burger patties and use a small bun. No, I'm not talking about my buns.

As always, Calvin is a demanding bastard. 'Where's my lunch woman'?

And I'm eating blueberries like they're in season a short time. I do believe my tongue is permanently blue. Mmmm!


Daisy said...

I have a recipe for a chocolate zucchini cake. I love zuchhinis too.

I loved this post and all things summer. I love the brickwork, your coffee decantor collection, the sun tea and the blueberries.

Have a great day.

Karen said...

Brickwork is coming out great! That is a pain in the a**, I give your guy credit.

Recipe for the tacos/empinadas (or whatever) please!... They look maaaavelous. Especially with sun tea.

Danielle said...

Everything looks lovely.

Heff said...

Man, that brickwork looks like fun ! I LOVE doing stuff like that. I built my own brick grill/pit that you see on my blog from time to time, and had a BALL doing it !

Also, I FREEZE my blueberries, and eat them like FLAVORED ICE !

deb-oh-rah said...

The brick work is awesome! I never tackle any brick project that involves cutting -- straight all the way, or maybe I'll find a broken one that fits on an end.

Your mom's empanadas -- those were so good! You have to make them for me next time I'm there!

You've been busy!! You guys have more energy than I do.

Tail-Kinker said...

Are those the plants you got for Mother's Day? They are looking excellent.

You're going to share some of those zukes, cukes, gp's, and tomatoes, aren't you? :c)

Blasé said...

I've done my share of landscaping during my life time.

Tell the Pups I like it! Maegan said...

oh that brick work is AMAZING. I love brick. I so want to plant a little veggie garden but I have so much to finish first! lol ...there is really never enough time

Ms. Anthropy said...

No extra activities going on around here. Too darn hot! Hubs can barely make it mowing the yard and that's with taking frequent breaks. Plus, the skeeters are having a field day.

Marnie said...

Wow! Great pictures. You are one busy lady. Sun tea, tomatoes, blueberries, your Mom's emanadas (sp?) all look so yummy! Your husband is doing a great job on the patio. I wish I had that skill.

J.J. said...

I LOVE empanadas!!!!! Especially meat-filled. Shut up. : P

And Calvin is one handsome dude!

Ca88andra said...

You really are busy there! Blueberries are delicious - I love them.

Deborah said...

Daisy - that cake sounds delicious. Are the zukes in it to keep it soft?

Karen - I will. I promise. I should try my first cooking post maybe.

Danielle - Thank you!

Heff - I am rather green with it about your ovenpit thingy. It looks fantastic. Come help Pup? He'd LOVE another project from me.

Deb - Pup's a wild man and he's cool with anything that allows him to buy a new tool. He's about the tools like I'm about handbags.

TK - you and Lorenzo KNOW you are getting the overages.

B-man - Yes, your place looks amazing.

Maegan - I love the brick you have in your bathroom. The people that put that in were crazy! So unexpected.

Ms A - skeeters are wild-style aren't they? It is our state bird some say.

Marnie - Sun tea sounds like something you'd like. Only with a lovely organic green. Which I'm considering trying in the sun tea jar.

J.J. - next time you're in Minnesota I'll make them for you.

Ca88 - I eat them energetically for certain.