Thursday, July 8, 2010

George Goes to the Vet

Guest Blogger - George

It's morning, the sun is shining, I'm happy as that dog licking his balls that my owner is always talking about. Oh wait . . . I don't have balls. BALLS!

Oh oh. She's attaching the leash in the car. This could mean a few things. She could be taking me to Wagner's Drive-In, she could be taking me to the dog park, she could be taking me to the groomers, or she could be taking me to the vet! BALLS!

Maybe if I stare at Pup's car long enough he'll come rescue me. Nothing bad EVER happens to me when Pup's around. Oh wait . . . Pup drove his little car! BALLS!

May as well settle down and get comfy. She drives like a maniac and I should keep my head down in case of flying expletives. BALLS!

Oh - this is good. She knows just how to rub my neck. Okay, I kinda like her. Even when she brings me here. BALLS!

Oh dear! Who the heck is that?? Arrrg! This can't be good! They're probably going to tell me how adorable I am and weigh me and stick this thing in my neck and call it a "shot" and take blood. Oh the inhumanity! Wait . . . I'm a dog. I keep forgetting.

Oh the incaninity of it! BALLS!

Really? We're done? Keep your damn low-fat treat. I'm going home. I'm going to roll in the grass and drink water. I'm going to listen to everything she ever says to me from now on. I'll never go out of an open gate again. I'll never jump on delivery guys and scare the living crap out of them. I promise! BALLS!

My screen debut. And her first, ahem, attempt to video my cuteness. And it's about BALLS!


Heff said...


Well, that's ONE ball he got to keep.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

awwwww, i love it when he comes running back up the steps.


Ms. Anthropy said...

Every time I took a certain one of my dogs to the vet, they seemed to know where they were headed. Always scared the crap out of her... literally! She would pant and slobber, the entire time.

Ha ha, to Heff!

Gorgeous, George!

Karen said...

You've got some set, George. Oh, wait.. no you don't.

Dutch donut girl said...

Beautiful dog and so cute. My cat is deliriously happy with the fact that I don't have a video camera. I'd be chasing and filming him all day :)

Daisy said...

Great Balls A Fire!!!! George you are just TOO cute. I'm glad your trip to the vet was uneventful.

Deborah said...

Heff - It's amazing isn't it? hehehe

Lucky Gun - George is way cute.

Ms A - George nearly has a heart attack every time.

Karen - LOLing!

DDG - I promise not to do this again. :)

Daisy - Now THAT made me laugh!

Thanks for the indulgence. I mostly wanted to see how uploading worked. Easy smeasy.

Tail-Kinker said...

Can George come stay with us? I'm on a dog kick, and I think for the Big B's sanity & the sucess of our marriage, I need to get my fix in or my whining for a dog will make his head explode.'s ok for you to run out the open gate, as long as you run the blocks to Auntie Sarah's house & stay with her :)

Deborah said...

TK - you can have George anytime. As we already know, he adores you above all other humans in his radius.

A couple days living with him will cure you of any dog-desires you may be experiencing. ;)

Iva said...

awww! so cute!