Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Miss Amy Winehouse

The lovely Amy before all the crazy.

Yes, I've seen all the photos. Seen her idiocy splashed across the internet like a spilled cocktail. Yes I know she's just this side of crack-crack-crazy. But watch this little video and tell me that isn't talent.

I selfishly want her to get better and healthy so I can have a new CD from her. My daughter, Lorenzo, mentioned that she heard a new CD is coming out soon and I, for one, am waiting excitedly.


Heff said...

She'll release the album...AND THEN THE "CRAZY" WILL KICK BACK IN !

Anonymous said...

I love Amy's music. I hope at some point she can get her drug and or alcohol craze in check. Such talent.


Ms. Anthropy said...

I love ya, but I'm gonna pass on this one. No offense.

Blasé said...

Believe me when I say that I was thinking about her while I was driving, today (I listen to the radio all day, so strange things can happen like that. She was never played on the radio today, and I had not read your post). I was thinking of how a waste of talent she is. I hope she kicks her drugs.

She is as good as it gets as far as singing talent goes. Very unique.

Ca88andra said...

I do like some of her music but my boys hate it!

R. Jacob said...

alas, not my taste

Dutch donut girl said...

Yeah....where did she go?
No, No, No to Rehab, Yes, Yes, Yes to Drugs?

Hope you and your family have a nice Fourth of July.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

award time on my page, and YOOUUUU just got one!

Deborah said...

Heff - That's my favorite thing about you - you always see the bright side of things! But you do have percentages on your side.

Snappy Di - I so agree.

Ms A & RJ - Pup hates her. Calls her the crack-ho; as in, "are you listening to the crack-ho again"?

B-man - I do too.

Ca88 - Do your boys love R&B?

DDG - I was just going to wish you the same; stopped myself. Although, why can't you have a great July 4th? It's just a day. ;)

Lucky Gun - Thank you! I'll be over to get it!

Marnie said...

I like her music too. I hope she gets better too. I like that picture you posted of her. there aren't too many of her looking healthy and she looks great in this one.