Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Men Friday

I am feeling all cornball again. What is up with that?

Heard an interview on the radio with Burton Cummings the other day. He was promoting a new album and I think they were talking about how he hadn't made an album in 20 years.

American Woman
These Eyes
No Time
No Sugar Tonight

I must have seen these guys over a dozen times in concert. I went to see Burton Cummings on his own as well. Back in his porn mustache and white suit (alá Saturday Night Fever) days. Had, of course, the HUGEST rock-crush on him.

I was checking out his Twitter account and he sounds like he may have done just a little too much creative medication over these long rock-studded years. Or maybe he's just that deep (really?). Doesn't it seem that many super-creatives are living on the end of crazy-town? I like that. Keeps the world interesting.

Lenny can suck it. Turn this one up.


Heff said...

He's a good vocalist, i'll admit.

Ms. Anthropy said...

He still has a full head of hair! Hubby would be so envious.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who thought the same. His voice makes loove to my ears.

J.J. said...

Love this song! Wish I could play it for my s-i-l so she'd stay away. lol!

R. Jacob said...

Bachman Turner Overdrive Favorites

Blue Collar and Looking Out For Number One.

Try it I am sure you will like it!

Guess Who is on my list too.

Blasé said...

The lyrics are very anti-American Woman...but the melody and beat are 2-Die-4.

Deborah said...

Heff - Who are you and what have you done with our Heff??

Ms A - Really? That hot mess on his head? Nothing wrong with a bald-headed man imho.

Niki - YES!

J.J. - You should get her a CD for Christmas.

RJ - BTO was great as well, but I always loved TGW insanely.

B-man - YES! It makes me hop right up and dance like a spazz.