Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Something happened on the way to summer.

It's here, we're in the throws of it and something hasn't been happening.


Bike - in garage. Waiting.
George - in backyard. Waiting.
Me - at the chubby table. Waiting.

I exaggerate of course. Kinda.

I've been in my Dungeon of Torture several times a week this summer. Lifting my lady-weights, doing my squats with tush tightened, trying to hold a plank for one minute (20 seconds peeps - 20 flippin' seconds! grr and arg), crunches (oh the nausea), doing my cheatin' pushups (NO upper body strength I'm afraid - workin' it), and . . . more than several times now . . .


Google it if you dare. :)

Yes, I've been rockin' that. No, I'm not wearing a leotard. I don't even own a leotard! Although my hair can look like I have a bad 80s perm.

But now it's on.

Heff (over at HBAG) has started a challenge with a man-bud of his and I think it's a good thing for me to jump on. Not to compete with them, but to kick it to the next level with myself.

Along with this self-challenge is eating for fitness. And lessness. I have my fitness eating plan picked. More about that soon.

I'm out there every day, reading The Anti-Jared, Mark Sisson, Kelly Olexa, Brad Pilon. I'm WISHING my friend T (are you there T?) would start a blog. She is the rockinest of the fit. Think about it girl. Those of us that are fluffy and not tuffy need you.

There is tons of motivation out there and tons of advice and tons of great success stories. I am challenging myself to be a story.

So - off I go to lace up my Asics and walk that chubby dog.


Karen said...

Too bad we don't live in the same neighborhood (let alone STATE)... we'de be walking chubby dogs together.. and arses. Well, mine anyway. *sigh*

Dutch donut girl said...

"Those of us that are fluffy and not tuffy need you".

HA! Too funny.

I have been avoiding the gym. It's too freaking hot.
*hangs head in shame*

R. Jacob said...

No body is perfect. Even the ones that think they are, are afraid of losing that perfection. It's weight loss plus some kind of exercise. I have seen your picture. Yum! you pass in my mind. begin the blushing!

Blasé said...

The women in the video don't have a butt...and that's just not right.

I'm sure Heff would agree.

Ms. Anthropy said...

You go right ahead, I'll watch from a safe distance. Be careful and don't throw anything out.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Oh my... hell-o! When I saw her put her skinny leg on the bar, I get the biggest muscle spasm, right in my buttock, thigh and calf muscle! 10 hours my eye!

Joann Mannix said...

Those leotards are just a big fashion NO! And I watched about 1:30 of it and it made me start to feel awkward, like I was watching soft core porn. But then, she started in with those arm things. Now I'm in a constant pursuit of anything that makes my arms less jiggly. Those were pretty good, I have to say. You can do those just about anywhere. Well, if you don't care if you look like a weirdo in the check out line, but other than that, those are great little exercises. Still the leotards have to go.

J.J. said...

I had to turn up my sound to make sure that wasn't a man in a leotard. ; )

R. Jacob said...

It is an old school video, form of stretching. I have done yoga and have found, the thinner you get, the better and easier the stretching becomes. Good luck.

Deborah said...

Karen - I have a feeling walking our chubby dogs would be so much fun. Then we could drink wine, cuz we DESERVE it. BTW - my butt has its own zip code. Think J-Lo in her 50s. Ha!

DDG - You have nothing to hang your head about. Hot isn't fun!

RJ - Exercise can actually be fun. Is my nose growing?

B-man - I'm thinking Heff cares more about the fact they don't have any BOOBS!

Ms A - That move kills me every time. Let's just say that my ballet pole is NOT that high. :)

Joann - Yes, this is from the 80s. I remember wearing leotards to my gym back in the day (Spa Petite - can you believe that name??) but I'm here to tell you this workout will kick your ASS. And that arm thing is fabulous. You get great DOMS from that move.

J.J. - yes, those girls are definitely Thin Mints as Pup would say.

RJ - I've seen some chubbies that are GREAT at the stretching, but you are correct, most yoga-peeps are scrawny.

Marnie said...

Now that workout looks like you would feel the pain the next day. How are you finding it?

The Empress said...

I have to do SOMETHING. I'll try now. Really, I will...exercise at my age doesn't improve a just keeps the wolves at bay...

The Empress said...

her body is pretty effin incredible. how can I resist googling?

I can't.

Kelly Olexa said...

Um, you ARE a story, and I'm sooo digging your blog!! ;-) Adding to my blogroll now girl!! ;-) WOOT!!

J.J. said...

Actually, I was talking about face. lol!