Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Such a strong face. Manly nose, big smile, dark dark hair, accent. Bingo!


Oh dear!

I mean really, look at that face.

Yes, oddly, even when he looked like this in No Country for Old Men. Intense crazy.

He and Penelope Cruz. Did you see Vicky Cristina Barcelona?


The Empress said...

Finally, woman, you're drinking the latino kool aid.

Next up, some fine benecio deltoro? Won't you?

Karen said...

It's not fair, all of that hotness together in romantic bliss.

Pass the Koolaid.

Heff said...

Benecio Deltoro ?!?! Oh, you people are WARPED !

Danielle said...

Mmmm, mmm plus a possible Benecio listing...mmmmm

That is all.

Joann Mannix said...

I love staring at a hot man.

I still hate that weasel faced Penelope, though.

Ms. Anthropy said...

I could deal with this!

Ha ha to Joann! I read what you think about her.

J.J. said...

Sorry, I don't see it. The 4th picture down reminds me of the crying indian from those "Keep America Beautiful" PSA's in the early 70's. lol!

Marnie said...

He is eye-candy :0) As for Penelope, her sister is actually hotter.

Ca88andra said...

I loved Vicky Cristina Barcelona! Great movie.

Deborah said...

Empresss - Can we make that a margarita? I have that love, yes I do.

Karen - I know!

Heff - Hey! A cover for every pot and all that.

Danielle - seriously right?

Joann - No Penelope love? I've heard that a lot. I think she's adorable.

Ms A - Deal em baby!

J.J. - Haaaahahaha! I remember those ads.

Marnie - I've never seen her sister. I'll have to look.

Ca88 - I loved that movie too.