Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Me, winning an award, really, yes, that's me. Don't make me hurt you.

I received the Going Places award from You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun over at Things I Like to Eat. This girl is so sassy and funny that I am profoundly sad when there hasn't been a post for a few days. And we share a love for atomic dishware. I believe I could have given birth to her in a parallel universe.

The award stipulates stating where I would like to find myself in ten years.

Ten years? Will I still be alive? :)

Hopefully I'll have a job by then. And maybe a wee grandbaby or two. I hope I'm still driving Ruby, my Wrangler, driving Pup crazy, laughing at crazy crap, trying to be open-minded, and able to tell a story.

I also received the Blog with Substance award from the lovely and talented J.J. from over at The World According to J.J.

Again, check out her writings. She is just the kind of smart aleck that creeps into your heart and makes you glad you're a reader.

For this award I'm to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words.

Really? Five words? This could be tough. Especially since I haven't been very sassy myself for a while. Summer delight is sucking all the profound right out of me. I'm stuffed with sunny warmness and no angst. Ha!

So, here goes; my five words:


Thanks also to Marla over at Butts and Ashes. She also gifted me with the ten years assignment, but no button to share. Just her delightful blog. Read her! Obey me!

Thank you, my fellow bloggers, for your nods of appreciation my way. It means more than I can express.


Heff said...

Hey ! Thanks for the links, lol !

deb-oh-rah said...

The awards are piling up. Woo-hoo!

J.J. said...

Smart aleck? Well, I'm glad someone finally recognized it! ; )

Ms. Anthropy said...


Anonymous said...


Love reading your ramblings ... so beautifully expressive, funny, entertaining, uplifting.


Miss you.


Deborah said...

T! How's your sweet momma? I miss you as well!

I need your e-mail.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

awwww, i am so flattered! this nearly brings a tear to my eyeballs!!