Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mornings with Moaning and Whining

I got up, stole one of Pup's t-shirts, and went down, down to the Dungeon. Waded through the little spider webs that pop up daily (oh that's so ick), and did my morning workout. Watched the news as well. A tofer. I'm toned here AND there.

I keep forgetting where to breath. Inhale on the approach; exhale on the effort. Sometimes I forget to breath altogether.

It's very easy to talk myself out of going down there because, well, because I'm ME after all, but habits are developed with repetition so I am a repeating BORE at this point.

Don't laugh! You'll be jealous when MY arse is hard and round as an apple. Or is it a peach? Men's asses are apples and women's are peaches yes? No wonder I'm confused. That is way too much fruit.

It's all good.

It's all good until I go upstairs to make my COFFEE and look what I see.

Yep, yesterday's laundry. Still hanging on the line.

Is there something I can do to stretch my mind? Ha!


Marnie said...

You did your exercises before coffee - wow! Based on that clip you showed, I think you getting up will be well worth the effort - those looked tough (and funny)!

Tail-Kinker said...

You ready to kick butt with rollerblading tonight? No cankles or flabby butts for us anymore, no ma'am!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

totally inappropriate. i'm calling the police.

R. Jacob said...

man, there is no meat on them bones!

T said...

Ya gotta turn this baby around...

2. WAIT 15-20 MINS

Few more suggestions: Warm up with 10 mins of light cardio to get your endorphins fired up--quick walk around the block, dance to a couple of your favorite songs, whatever...(More to follow)

T said...

Ya wanna make exercise a habit? You gotta do something that you enjoy, that's fun, or you WON'T stick with it.

Callanetics, done 3-4 x a week, brings FAST results, so that was enuf motivation for me. But maybe you need something different...Zumba?

Make your workout environment inviting. I light a candle when I do Callanetics. Soothes me.

I download 2-3 fresh songs a week for my MP3 to keep me inspired and motivated while doing cardio or weights out...

The list goes on. :)

T said...



Deborah said...

Marnie - crazy right? If I sit down with my coffee, all bets are off!

TK - disc golfing with you was a blast! I want to do it again.

Lucky Gun - scandalous right?

RJ - she is a skinny bitch :)

T - my workout environ is FUGLY! I could spruce it up a bit and I do have a candle down there in the jungle. I LOVE candles. Almond is a fav.