Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Dinners

With tax season over, and with that the 20 hour days that accompany the season, and the promise of four hour days looming for the summer, Pup was feeling free and easy and sent out a text message to the young uns saying

Let's celebrate, who wants to go to Fogo?
Pup, giddy with man-crack excitement
(still learning the camera - craptastik photos)

That would be Fogo de Chão, awesome Brazilian steakhouse in downtown Minneapolis. Simply put, this place is man-crack. Not the kind you see on the backsides of plumbers, but the kind where men go CRAZY with steak.
Bella handling a big piece with her dainties

Hot, juicy, sizzling, meat, fresh off the grill, in all the grilled preferences. Tons of it. Dozens of Gauchos running around with skewers of different meat cuts (there's some chicken for the feint of heart - none for me thank you!) ready to slice you off a delicious hunk as you wish.
The sides that no one touched
Rookie-mistake salad bar - I love it though

There also happens to be one of the most amazing salad bars I've ever seen to start with. Most of the boys I've ever gone with to Fogo totally skip this step. They don't want to waste precious room or time with nonessentials. Meat really is the thing here. MEAT!

You are seated, offered a drink from the full bar (Lorenzo and I indulged in Fogo's version of a Mojito - I forget the special name theirs had - delicious!) and given a little, round, button about the size of a drink coaster. Green on one side. Red on the other.

When you're ready for meat, green. When you need to take a break, red. Simple!

Pup and The Big B were ready. Sarah-Bella loosened the belt on her dress to prepare. Lorenzo and I had worn leggings so there would be no clothing interference issues. We were ready. Bring on the Gauchos!
Yes it's true, The Big B never takes off his hat

Activity at our table was fast and furious for quite a while. The boys out eating us soundly. Bella was determined to keep pace with The Big B, but she actually likes to chew her food so she fell behind quickly.
Sarah-Bella is slowing down

The boys always start out briskly, but I do have to say that while the girls do not enjoy the QUANTITY that the boys can intake, we far outdo them with the ENDURANCE of eating. We were still picking away long after Pup and The Big B were trying to sit back as far as they could to let their bellies stretch. Ha!

The service at Fogo is excellent and the manager liked hanging out with us because - well, because we're just that fucking entertaining. I love family dinners. The conversation is fast and furious. We do a lot of laughing and we do a lot of chattering.
Pup pays the huge-ass bill - worth every cent according to him

The best time ever!
The family can still smile even though we cannot move


Heff said...

I think it may have just been COLD in there, because the only meat that arouses me is....BEAVER.

Sorry :)

Tail-Kinker said...

I'm pretty sure I'm still full...!

Great pics, they turned out better than I thought they would.

Ms. Anthropy said...

That food looks soooooo good!

Daisy said...

That place looks awesome!!!! I'm hungry for steak now!

Blasé said...

If the Pups is happy...then I'm happy!

Damn, Ms D! You sure are one HOT lookin' Babe. But, that's just me...perhaps?? Not!

ps-I don't think me and the Pups are interested in the- "Meet Gay Older Men" ad, below.

JoeyRes said...

We always make the steaks at home as that huge bill just does not meet my standard of economy (some might call it cheapness)!

J.J. said...

Hmm, methinks I'll take a trip to visit the relatives in MN soon. I loves me meat!

Great looking family!

R. Jacob said...

You look that good and had problem dating? Impossible!

Ca88andra said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Karen said...

There isn't anything better than a good steak dinner with good company and a fresh mojito or two. Well yes there is, but it's high on my list :-)

Deborah said...

Heff - you do have a way with words.

TK - did you doubt my new-camera skills? :)

Ms A & Daisy - it's really delicious!

Mr B! You totally made me blush! Do you think the ad was there because I said "gaucho"? Heh

Joey - are you saying you never go out to dinner for celebrations?

J.J. - Yes! Come to Minnesota!

RJ - you are a sweet man.

Ca88 - family dinners yes?

Karen - Mojito! Come on - let's make one right now.

Marla said...

We love Brazilian. Great food mixed with great atmosphere.

Love your photos!!