Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pup and His Love

Pup and his car the day after he bought it.

Last night I look over at Pup's dual's (monitors peeps - let's keep it in the pants) and I notice he is reading my blog.

Pup loves me.

But he does not read my blog on a regular basis. Once in a while when I mention something or someone else mentions something I've written it will pique his interest.

He'll jump on and skim read a few posts until the words start swimming in front of his eyes. He isn't much of a reader. I've known him five years and I saw him read a book once - we happened to be on a lovely beach in Ixtapa and he was TOTALLY relaxed.

Don't mistake that for being uninformed.

Pup does most of his readings from the internet. Yes, there are naked ladies thrown in there for good measure (Wha? That's called porn? Oh! I like that stuff.) but the rest is on news sites. He isn't a browser of any blogs or such.

So last night after he has read some in my blog he comes to find me and I say,

"Did you read my blog"?


"Did you like it"?

"Sure babe!"

"You really read it?"

(laughing) "Yes! But I'm not in it enough."


"I should be in it more."

"You're in it all the time."

"You have the wrong picture of my car."

(me, blinking)

"You need to put the right picture of my car on your blog. You need to write a post about me."

He is half kidding. But only half.

He stands there laughing and laughing and I start to laugh and I say.

"No - I won't. You can't make me."

"Get over here. You need a spanking."


I love that man.

If Pup were to be a guest-blogger, here is the type of story he might tell.

There once was a man from Nantunket . . .

And it would be the dirtiest/funniest story you've ever heard!

Well, at least he would laugh himself sick.

Love you baby.


Anonymous said...

LOL... you're not alone. Mike said recently.."by reading your blog, I can't tell if you're even married!"... and how many times am I even IN there?...

So.. I've made him more..obvious.

Deborah said...

Karen - that's funny! Maybe all hubbins feel this way?

R. Jacob said...

your married? ha ha

Heff said...

That's the type blogger I AM.

Anonymous said...

Wow a sexy new sports car for a sexy man to operate with!

Ms. Anthropy said...

If it's not about the "Mistress" mine has no interest whatsoever. If I try to talk about blogging, he zones out.

Danielle said...

Cute! Hi Pup!

Blasé said...

"Get over here. You need a spanking."

Oh, the Pups is Good, Reeeeeal, Good!

J.J. said...

My man knows I have a blog but he hasn't asked to read it. He hasn't even asked if he's in it.

Thank goodness!

Deborah said...

I'm wondering if men (excepting men that blog) deem their wife's blogging like they think about her talking.

You know, blah blah blah.

We were out one night and someone we were with commented on my blog and how much they were enjoying reading it. How entertaining, etc.

Pup look positively surprised!

Deborah said...

Mr. B-man, you and Pup would get along so much is scares me.