Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Have you noticed all the acronyms in advertising lately?





Millions more yes?

LBL - light bladder leakage. Hmm . . . can the word "light" ever be in the same sentence as "bladder leakage"? I don't think so.

ED - erectile dysfunction. Let's be clear; who's feelings are we trying to not hurt? Shouldn't we really be figuring out why the wiener isn't working?

UTI - urinary tract infection. Oh, let's just not go there - ever.

IBS - irritable bowel syndrome. What does this mean really? Why are anyone's bowels in a bad mood? Can't they just drink vodka?

Every time I turn around (in my princess finery - I spin!) I'm unwillingly listening to a commercial talking about some set of letters I never knew described a "syndrome."

One of my newest peeves is the RLS. Really? Restless legs are now a syndrome?

How about these I am coining?

IIG - irritated in general. Is there a pill for this?

CLIM - can't look in mirror. I am skeered what I'll see first thing in the morning. I know I need a pill for this.

BFH - bastard from hell. The guy on the freeway that refuses to let me merge into traffic. There really should be a treatment for this condition.

Tell me your favorite acronyms! Let's start a revolution!


The Empress said...

I've always loved saying MAH, as in Mad as a hornet. Love it.As in, to my kiddies: "knock it off, I'm MAH."

Karen said...


Ms. Anthropy said...

How 'bout FLS... feeling like $hit!

Heff said...


For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.


R. Jacob said...

I like what Tigger said to Winnie

Ta Ta For Now!

Robin said... funny..I know, I was thinking of this day at the beach I wrote like a rap song about all of them...including..IRS, CIA, FBI, DOT, AAA, APA, AMA,...its was really funny...but for the life of me I cant remember it...thats probably because I have LOM(loss of memory) and am entering MA(middle age) all I can say is WTF...and BBFN...

Tail-Kinker said...

GB--Geek Beak
TCF--Total Communication Failure
IMHO--In my humble opinion (not mine, I stole this)
WWCHD?--What Would Chelsea Handler Do?

Dutch donut girl said...

You are too funny!

DHYB – Don’t Hold Your Breath
GDR - Grinnig, Ducking and Running

Daisy said...

I have CRS. Can't Remember Shit.

BTW, I'd like to smack the BFH upside the head!!!

J.J. said...

I lmao at IIG. lol!

How about TSTL? I know several people who are 'Too Stupid To Live', but I don't think you can take anything for it. Except an aspirin for the person who has to deal with these idiots.

Ca88andra said...


Deborah said...

Emp - meh-love that one

Karen and Ms A - you guys are feeling it yes?

Heff - you get points for creativity. You are a man of singular purpose. Nice to have a cause hmm?

Robin - we need to hear that song! It can be the anthem for the revolution

TK - love the Chelsea one

DDG - I GDR on a daily basis. I just didn't know it was! Love it.

Daisy - I have a girlfriend that has a tshirt with CRS on it.

JJ - ha!

Ca88 - we're on a roll!

Marla said...

You are too funny!