Thursday, April 29, 2010


I find this incredibly interesting.

Why, indeed, is it palatable to observe all kinds of manufactured cleavage, but not cleavage like this?

Breasts move people. At least they used to.

Small ones, medium ones, big ones. They jiggle, they bounce, they are delicious!

We have been spoon-fed the hard and large surgeon-enhanced canyon-cleavaged breasts to the point where everyone believes that is how women look. That boobs spring directly out of chests poking and prodding their way ala Heidi Montag into our line of vision. Intrusive nipples and all.

Where did it all go so wrong? When was it decided that the only acceptable body type is a boy-hipped girl with 32DDDs?

Think of all the beautiful women from years gone by.

Goldie Hawn

Rachel Welch

Elizabeth Taylor

Lauren Hutton

Jill Clayburgh

Cybill Shepherd

Marilyn Monroe

Sophia Loren


Different shapes, beautiful woman. A type for everyone's liking. A cover for every pot.

Why do we want to limit ourselves to one acceptable body type?


Karen said...

Yeah I don't get it either. Heidi has some real self-esteem issues, and now she's got two helium baloons that aren't gonna lift her up, no matter what she "thinks". I feel sorry for her. I can see breast augmentation for a variety of reasons... but to create THAT... it's just so unnatural looking. Her mother was right.

Robin said...

Wow this was great..Im so glad I got to see the comeback from the model..she is hot and hit every point out of the park..."they just cant handle extra"..I love it..!

Heff said...

Now you're speakin' my language !!!

For the record, MOST of the natural women you posted have a ROCKIN' CHEST anyway (except Goldie Hawn), but I get your point.

Heidi Montag looks RIDICULOUS now. "They" don't even sit correctly on her chest !

Dutch donut girl said...

What is wrong with people?

It's a shame we live in a world where beauty is narrowly defined as being thin and slender.

If more women like sexy Lane were actually televised girls today would feel a lot better about themselves.

R. Jacob said...

Hi! I saw breasts and came running over. The commercial shows a beautiful woman in her underwear. did I say beautiful?

The outfits the women dancers on DWTS, are skimpier than the one shown in the commercial.

The pictorial you showed is a virtual breast buffet,but some don't understand, we desire the total woman package, looks count, but so do brains, her smile and laugh.

And the longing to be with her.

Daisy said...

I just don't understand the double standard.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Sure makes it hard for us naturally ugly, flat chested women to fit in.

Blasé said...

"Contribute to my Plate, I'm always hungry".. hmm!

Anything that is overexposed for a long period of time will lose it's aura. The masses become desensitized to it. The 'object' loses it's newness.

That is why a woman is better off with an older man instead of a young pretty boy. The older man is gravitated to what is more important, which is what is on the inside of the woman. The pretty boy most likely hasn't learned that yet, perhaps.

Having stated the aforementioned...I'd love to suffocate myself in Rachel Welch's "cleavage" any day of the fuc*ing week!

J.J. said...

My man and I were talking about the LB commercial a few nights ago, when it came on tv. I taped it since he hadn't seen it. I showed it to him yesterday and he said, "She's not bad."

I replied, "Not bad? She's gorgeous!"

He said, "Not as gorgeous as you."

He got major brownie points for that! lol!

Ca88andra said...

I guess acceptable body types vary with the years. What was in in the 1920s isn't now and so on through the years. We should all just learn to be happy with what we have!

Deborah said...

Karen - it's sad that young girl feels that need. So sad!

Robin - That model is amazing I thought!

Heff - you do? :THUD: Seriously though, guys love breasts yes? They don't have to ginormous?

DDG - I think the tide may be turning. Maybe?

RJ - I know what you're saying (I think), but do you think that women are doing this to themselves by believing this is what men only want? By that I mean only wanting the "lollypop" girl.

Ca88 - Yes to the yes!

R. Jacob said...

I meant to say, most guys want them natural, whatever the size. It is a package deal after-all. I honestly never know what I will be attracted to first on a woman.

Deborah said...

B-man - Rachel is so gorgeous isn't she?

RJ - that's what I've been hearing from most of the mens in my life. They really prefer real

My original intention of the post was just to point out that we aren't afraid of seeing too much enhanced boobies, but the real ones scare some in advertising land. I found that amazingly idiotic.

Blasé said...

I realize what your "original intention" was, Sweetie.

I just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get all Philosophical and shit...

Marla said...

This is brilliant! Absolutely perfectly stated.