Monday, April 5, 2010

Big-ass Ham - the day after

This is all that's left of it. Way less than I figured since it was the LARGEST big-ass ham I've seen in a while. It was a ham from the little piggy we bought from Pup's pig-raising cousin. Darn good pig!

It was my first ham if you can believe. But I patted it with brown sugar and mustard and poured 7-up over it's scored skin and damn! It cooked up good.
Five of us this year. Lots of Pup's ginormous family were over at one of his sister's houses. I just wanted to be with my kids this year. The enormity of that family is something I'm working on getting used to. I still am having nightmares about Thanksgiving. You know I'm joking.
Here is my yearly attempt at making the bunny cake. I cannot, for the life of me, get that gaddamn boiled frosting to work like my Swedish momma and great-momma could. What part of the baking-genie am I missing? I asked Pup to decorate. He fussed, but liked it when he was done. Ha!

It's okay. We just scraped the frosting off the pan and goobed it on top of our cake. Numm!

Then we hunkered down on the sectional. Boys napping, two of the girls working off hangovers (young uns!), dog outside whining because his Bella was in the house and he wasn't, and me trying to resist the candy on the coffee table while watching a bit of golf.

Awesome day. What did ya 'all do?


Anonymous said...

Simple solution to the frosting dilmena! Betty Crocker. :-)

R. Jacob said...

golf watching, golf playing woman. yum

Heff said...

Ain't NOTHIN' like tearing up a BIG ASS.....ham.

Danielle said...

Maybe you should let the frosting cool a bit. My grandma used to make boiled frosting too.

deb-oh-rah said...

I made coleslaw to go with the small-ass ham like my Grandma used to with pineapple and apple. (She used to add banana and mini-marshmallows too, but that's a bit much.)Cold, crunchy, sweet and tart. Mmmmm.
Went for a walk after the meal and then sat in the sun -- gorgeous! Even got a little pink from the first spring sunning.

Ms. Anthropy said...

I sat around the house, all by my lonesome, with no big-ass ham or human in sight! (other than my own) Can you say pathetic?

Dutch donut girl said...

HA! Love your bunny cake.
My parents, sister and I had a nice easter dinner. We ate way to much food and then I made my heart-attack apple dumplings and we exploded right there in the living room.

Deborah said...

Karen - I am considering that for real.
RJ - how did Tiger do today?
Heff - my god man, are you trying to kill me? I laugh!
Deb - was your tiny-arsed ham served cold? Pineapple, so delicious
Ms A - you should have come over; we had more than enough
DDG - I am still exploding today.

R. Jacob said...

The actual play starts Thursday.

J.J. said...

We normally have 12 for Easter dinner but this year there were just 4 of us. Mom isn't crazy about ham (especially only cooking for 4) so we had meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

But first, we felt the afteraffects of the 7.2 Mexico earthquake. lol!

Daisy said...

I have those same dishes. I prefer to entertain smaller groups of people as well. I too, am still reeling from Thanksgiving that I so graciously said I would do. Then some of the invitees took it upon themselves to invite more people. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

My Easter was good. I made pineapple souffle to take to the dinner I was going to. Man and I took Youngest Daughter to work and then went to his sister's for dinner.